It May Be Over For Iris & Eddie On 'The Flash'

Their relationship has been the object of speculation for more than a few episodes now, but it looks like Iris and Eddie might be breaking up on The Flash. The main source of their stress seems to be that Iris suspects Eddie of keeping secrets from her — which, of course, he is. In last week's episode, Barry revealed to Eddie that he is The Flash, and ever since then Eddie has been at odds with himself trying to keep it a secret from Iris. Even though Barry pulled Iris aside and tried to argue on Eddie's behalf, by the end of the episode, she basically gave her boyfriend an ultimatum: tell her the truth, or say goodbye.

I don't know if anybody will be too sad to see this couple break up, especially after the heartbreaking kiss in the alternate timeline between Iris and Barry that got totally erased and discounted. Still, you can't help but feel for Eddie here. He might not have the most tact (oh, the cringeworthy oversharing with Papa West), but his heart seems to be in the right place, particularly in the way he is guarding Barry's secret at the expense of his own happiness with Iris.

Plus, I'm nervous to see the ricochet of consequences if this couple does break up. We haven't established exactly what kind of person Eddie Thawne is ultimately going to be on The Flash, and a messy breakup with Iris would leave him plenty of room to become someone a little less willing to protect Barry's secret — particularly if Barry and Iris end up dating after she calls it quits with Eddie. Clearly Eddie has a choice to make, and he needs to make it fast. Will he protect Barry's secret and lose Iris, or sell Barry out to save their relationship? Unfortunately, this looks like a lose-lose situation for both halves of this couple.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW