Dad Has A Diabolical Parenting "Hack" For Grades

by Jamie Kenney

Kids these days, with their Minecraft and their iPhones and their hover boards. (Yes, this is the year we get them according to Back to the Future II. Get excited, people.) With all these newfangled distractions, no wonder their grades slip. At least, that's what happened to this Redditor's daughter who pulled a D- in math, and unfortunately for her, her dad discovered a new parenting "hack" to get kids to raise their grades. First, are D minuses even a thing? Back in my day, there was no D+ or D-. There was nothing between a C- and an F other than a D. D alone was a warning: "You passed by the skin of your teeth; If you had screwed up just a little bit more, you'd have failed, so do better." So your kid brings home a D- and you know she is capable of better. What do you do? Well, in addition to being a Redditor, this dad is an evil genius who has it all figured out.

Now comes the question of how to solve this problem. Ground them? No. They can still talk to all their friends. Grounding is too simple. Take away TV or computer privileges? Nah. Not far enough. There is a better way. Something you can take away that is like a grounding and taking away privileges: their cell phone. Beyond that, you need to taunt them with it while still motivating them:

Perfection (and oh so Pinterest-worthy). Well done, dad. As for you, kiddo, be sure to text us when you get that B.

Images: Getty Images; Imgur; Giphy