13 Pieces Of Men's Clothing That Women Should Totally Wear — Because Why Limit Yourself To The Gender Binary?

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When it comes to shopping, the broader you think and the more open you are, the better things will go. Whether you’re searching for a new pair of jeans or a rare pair of designer sunglasses, don’t just stick to the stores you’re familiar with. Walk into the ones you typically wouldn’t go into so you can check out your options more fully. And don’t just stop at stores, because even avoiding particular departments can limit your choices. Especially if you're thinking in terms of gender.

New York Fashion Week featured many androgynous looks on the runway. There were female models doing the catwalk in tailored pants and three-piece suits, and looking fabulous while doing it. While it’s easy to stick to shopping in the women’s department, browsing through traditionally "male" clothes can be fascinating and rewarding on multiple levels.

When it comes to fashion these days, plenty of clothes are made in a unisex style and form. While there are some things that most women can’t (or don't want to) give up (heels are just too great, and now that it’s finally getting warmer, dresses are crucial), men's jackets, shirts and accessories are cool and on-trend, too. No matter the gender of the person wearing them. So, open your eyes to the world of menswear with these 13 pieces that are made for dudes but can be worn by anyone.

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