13 Pieces Of Men's Clothing That Women Should Totally Wear — Because Why Limit Yourself To The Gender Binary?

When it comes to shopping, the broader you think and the more open you are, the better things will go. Whether you’re searching for a new pair of jeans or a rare pair of designer sunglasses, don’t just stick to the stores you’re familiar with. Walk into the ones you typically wouldn’t go into so you can check out your options more fully. And don’t just stop at stores, because even avoiding particular departments can limit your choices. Especially if you're thinking in terms of gender.

New York Fashion Week featured many androgynous looks on the runway. There were female models doing the catwalk in tailored pants and three-piece suits, and looking fabulous while doing it. While it’s easy to stick to shopping in the women’s department, browsing through traditionally "male" clothes can be fascinating and rewarding on multiple levels.

When it comes to fashion these days, plenty of clothes are made in a unisex style and form. While there are some things that most women can’t (or don't want to) give up (heels are just too great, and now that it’s finally getting warmer, dresses are crucial), men's jackets, shirts and accessories are cool and on-trend, too. No matter the gender of the person wearing them. So, open your eyes to the world of menswear with these 13 pieces that are made for dudes but can be worn by anyone.

by Melodi Erdogan

Detailed Bomber Jacket

Vanishing Elephant Satin Bomber Jacket, $139, Urban Outfitters

Who cares whether this jacket is in the men’s section or the women’s section, it is breathtaking. In a basic black satin with detailed embroidery on the back, it’s guaranteed to make a style statement.

Chambray Button-Down

1969 Western Denim Shirt, $60, Gap

You can’t go wrong with a lived-in chambray shirt. Throw it over pants, or even rock the Canadian tuxedo and pair it with some more denim.

Panama Hat

Men’s Lock & Co. Wide Brim Panama Hat, $498, Brooks Brothers

Because you can’t really categorize whether hats are male or female, they’re available to everyone. This Panama hat is surely an investment, but is essential for warm summer days and protection from the sun.

Baseball Jacket

Mixed-Media Baseball Jacket, $150, Banana Republic

Now that warmer weather is approaching, it’s time to shed layers and opt for lighter jackets until the sun really starts beaming. This baseball jacket is both light and features woven material, and it comes in six different sizes.


On The Byas The Drop Fit Fleece Jogger, $50, Pacsun

Anyone who has experienced joggers knows that they’re arguably the most comfortable type of pants — ever. Plus, they’re infinitely better looking than you average sweatpants. This grey pair is also fleece so prepare to never stop wearing them.

Athletic Sandals

Nike Benassi Swoosh Slide, $30, Foot Locker

Sure, these Nike slides aren’t for everyone. But if you’ve ever tried them on with a pair of comfortable socks, you know they’re a dream.


Slim Broken-In Short-Sleeve Henley, $35, J Crew

When it comes to t-shirts, it’s all about basic. While there are plenty of options out there, some male tees just have an effortless, worn-in look about them and this one is no exception.

Oversized Hoodie

Super Longline Oversized Hoodie with Asymmetrical Zip, $38, Asos

We’ve all worn a guy’s sweatshirt as least once in our lives, so why not invest in one for ourselves? This black hoodie features an asymmetrical zipper and a cowl collar, perfect for layering.


Men’s Canvas Rucksack, $30, Old Navy

This sturdy, canvas rucksack is a great alternative to a huge purse filled with all the things, especially when traveling. Plus, it’s a little more conspicuous than a man purse.

Long Sleeve Shirt

BKC Men’s Americana Baseball Tee, $12, Target

Graphic shirts are fun and playful, and this baseball tee is the perfect combination of both. Show off your national pride with a tee that’s entirely too cute to be just for the guys.


Dri-FIT Cushion Crew Socks, $22, Nike

If you’re not a huge fan of the idea of wearing menswear, at least try it out in the easiest way possible: with socks. These Nike athletic socks are heavenly and can be perfectly disguised in your high-heeled booties.


Longline Knitted Parka, $45, A sos

It’s grey, long and has a hood: It’s your new favorite parka! This lightweight knit might be made for men, but can definitely go gender neutral.

Graphic T-Shirt

Men SPRZ NY Graphic Short Sleeve T Shirt, $20, U niqlo

Everyone loves t-shirts, and this graphic art print could be pretty paired with jeans or even tucked into a skirt.