7 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Sartorial Season

by Freyia Lilian Porteous

If you ask me, spring is the best season. Exhibit A: Yesterday I met three two-day old lambs. My friend Raffy and I walked in the slight sunshine down the winding (and freaking dangerous — people drive like maniacs in the English countryside!) road from my house to my auntie's field, layered up in our spring wardrobes, to meet the trio of cuties. Two tiny boys and one little girl lamb lay in a wooly, sleepy heap under their mom — a robust creature with an intense stare and two dangerous looking horns. My auntie, Jo, picked up one of the three in her arms and it looked at me with its baby eyes. Man, that lamb was adorable. Sigh, Spring.As the cherry blossom begins to flower and fall in confetti spirals, the air smells sweeter and the sun shines a little brighter. Spring brings with it a little romantic optimism — everything seems a little more cheerful. It's not yet boiling hot (not that it often is over here in the U.K.), which is great for me because I don't like having to get my skimp on and thanks to my English Rose complexion, SPF 50 is my best friend. Evenings are lighter, and as I am a self-confessed night owl, it works in my favor. And let's not forget that the beach becomes an acceptable place to hang out.

Suffice it to say, spring is, by far, my favorite season. It's the only time you can come face to face with a newly born wooly baby lamb, after all. And as well as being full of natural blooming beauty, spring is, IMO, the best season to play sartorially. So here are seven fashion-related reasons why spring is the best season for fashion:

1. Layers, Layers, Layers

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Spring is the perfect time to try a layered look. The sun is finally getting its hat on (hip hip hooray), but unfortunately, the wind is still blustery. (On the plus side, it does create some pretty magical petal storms!) It's time to pack away your woolen coats, but it's not quite time to dress head to toe in flowing linens and sandals. Personally, this transitional weather works to my fashion favor. I love the sunshine, but feel the most myself cozied up under a bundle of mismatched shapes and an array of textures. Layers are my best friend! It's so easy to work layers, even if you're a simple jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. A tight long-sleeved jersey tee looks wonderful under a flowing silk dress, teamed with an oversized cardigan. Underwear as outerwear looks similarly stylish underneath a sporty logo tee. Try mixing juxtaposing genres: Vintage girly with retro sporty; relaxed denims with evening wear; sequined shorts with everyday staples; mix and match clashing prints.

It's all about being playful and dressing outside the box. Just keep some kind of running theme throughout your outfit, to give some consistency. Mix shades of nude in different textures, stay monochrome, layer sheer fabrics over/under opaque, or pick a bold and clashing color palette. Experiment. If you get it wrong, you can always strip off and try again. It's only fashion. It's basically a more grown up dressing up box, with a higher price tag (unless you love a bargain, like me!).

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2. Three Words: Cardigans And Sweaters

However much I love being snuggled up in an oversized, woolen coat, with an extra long scarf wrapped many times about my neck, I quickly get sick of the darkness of Winter. Despite being a Northerner, the grimness of the season does not appeal to me. I love it when April comes along and I can shed my cocoon coat, to emerge a cardigan-wearing butterfly. When it comes the time to go out in only cardigans and sweatshirts, we know that summer is on its way! There's something quite freeing about going out sans coat. You suddenly feel less weighed down. A light cover up can be shoved into a tote bag if it gets too hot without much of an effort.

Cardigans in soft wools and jerseys can be ladylike and demure or relaxed and casual. Vintage, beaded late '50s darlings can be picked up easily from Etsy, thrift shops and vintage fairs, and give an interesting edge to any outfit. Draped numbers give a layered look, too, and feel extra cozy when wrapped around your summery dress in the spring breeze.A lightweight knit over a short dress also gives a wrap of warmth to protect from the wind. A sports style marl grey piece adds a casual edge to a girlier look and keeps you out the chill. However, you wear your spring warmers! Be sure not to catch a cold!

3. Vitamin D And The End Of S.A.D.

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As the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, venturing outside seems more a pleasure than an effort. There are many health and beauty benefits of being outside, which leave your skin glowing and your mental health on the up! Yay!Ever noticed how your hair and nails seem to grow much faster as the weather warms? That is our lovely friend Vitamin D at work! Vitamin D, sometimes nicknamed "the sunshine vitamin," is produced in abundance when the body is exposed to sunlight. As well as encouraging hair and nail growth, Vitamin D helps balance your hormones and improves the immune system, which keeps depression at bay. This is why some people suffer from the aptly named S.A.D (or Seasonal Affective Disorder), due to the lack of Vitamin D production in cloudier, colder months.

4. Freckles!


Thanks to sun-kissed lovelies such as Emma Stone and Oona Chaplin, freckles are once again "hot" in the media. Of course, they always have been, but it's great they are getting their fair share of the limelight! In fact, TopShop have even created their own freckle pencil for creating your own faux freckles! If you are lucky enough to be naturally blessed with fawn-like freckles, they will start to appear in the spring, thanks to the newly confident sun! Be sure to apply SPF however, to prevent sun damage!

5. Hoisery Heaven

Whether it's stylish socks-and-sandals, knee highs, frilly schoolgirl throwbacks, tights or leg warmers. spring is the perfect time to get your legs out and work some serious hosiery. Personally, I wear skirts and dresses all year long, but for you girls who are trousers-only, adding some hosiery can help the skirt transition! As it's often still too cold in the spring to bear all, hosiery is a great compromise and an excuse to add an extra accessory (which is always good in my book.)

6. Dresses And Skirts

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Like I said, I am serious about my dresses and skirts, but I know a lot of you guys only starting to dig them out of the 'drobe once April shows its sunny face. Light fabrics begin to billow about bare legs — chiffon, cotton, and silk. Outfits take on a femme vibe. Even if you're a classic tomboy, you can face the skirt! Try combining your swishing skirts with jersey pieces, or add a denim or leather jacket for toughness. Or try relaxed jersey or denim skirts if you can't quite stomach the floaty and ethereal. However, if you enjoy embracing your inner girly girl like moi, your options are equally endless...Ladylike and tomboy pieces together can create a unique look, so switch it up if you enjoy playing with perceptions. It's all fun and games.

7. Drip, Drip, Drop: Little April Showers

Okay, so I actually really hate rain — it makes my hair frizzy and my mood apathetic. However, I do love a good rain mac, umbrella, and playful wellies! There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate attire... maybe. The Ragged Priest and TopShop have some amazing, quirky rain coats in currently. From mermaid doll inspired crackling metallics to see-through acrylics, it's not hard this year to find yourself some ravishing rainwear! So go hug a lamb, and get your layers on, because spring is clearly the best sartorial season. There's just the right amount of sun and more than enough fun (without the sunburn!).

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