Why Spring Is The Most Inspiring Time Of Year

I've never understood the logic behind New Year's resolutions. Why do we make our most important life goals in the dead of winter? I get that calendar-wise, it's the start of a new year, and you can tie that to a mental and emotional "fresh start," but the way it all goes down seems seriously counterproductive. Spring is a new beginning. It's a much better time to really dig deep into those goals you made on January 1, especially since you spend the majority of your post-Christmas blues trying to come up with said resolutions, only to destroy all of the healthy habits on the night of the big ball drop.

Then New Year's Day arrives, and you are groggy, cranky, and hungover as sh**. The last thing you want to do on the first day of the year is hit the gym, or do something extremely mentally taxing, because your brain feels like a bowl of soggy Lucky Charms, without the marshmallows. But spring is a fresh start in terms of life and environment. It's much more conducive to setting goals and actually achieving them. The horrid cold season has ended, and happiness is blossoming around the globe. Here are all the reasons why right now is the best time to reassess those New Year's resolutions, and actually get those boxes checked.

1. Because there's no longer a reason to feel SAD

With Daylight Saving Time having just passed, that means the sun is visible much later than it was before. SAD is now a thing of the past, because you can arrive and leave work seeing the sun's shiny, beautiful face. Now that you aren't feeling as emotionally bogged down by the weight of winter, you have more energy and excitement to really dedicate yourself to doing all the things you promised yourself you would do.

2. Because snow is starting to melt

How can you not feel inspired when you walk by a sad pile of snow that used to be taller than you? You have survived the winter of 2015, and therefore you can do ANYTHING.

3. Because flowers are blooming

New life is literally all around you now. Bears are coming out of hibernation, bugs are being hatched, and you are about to take on the world.

4. Because warmer weather is motivation for exercise

Winter coats are now in storage, and cardigans now have three-quarter-length sleeves. You can't hide behind layers, so you might as well start working on shedding that winter padding like you planned three months ago.

5. Because summer is coming

Pretty soon, everyone will be hitting the beach, drinking lemonade, and getting all kinds of tan. That also means the year is half over, so you're running out of time to start crossing things off your 2015 list.

6. Because the end of the year will be here before you know it

When the ball drops and 2016 draws near, you want to be proud of the year to which you're saying goodbye. So make every moment between now and then count.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy (6)