Whole Roll Of Bubble Wrap Being Crunched At Once

Saying you don't like popping bubble wrap is like saying you don't like ice cream. WHO ARE YOU? Because everyone is judging you right now. Some genius has figured out (for the bubble wrap loving majority of us) that popping a huge roll of bubble wrap using a hydraulic press folder is the most incredibly satisfying thing you could possibly watch. If you've ever twisted and popped even the smallest square of bubble wrap, you probably are getting a popping boner just thinking about the idea of popping such a giant sheet of the stuff. And yet, at the same time, after seeing this, your at-home DIY bubble wrap popping will never seem quite so fulfilling. Goddamn these prohibitively tiny hands!

The popping sort of sounds like making popcorn over the stove. It's loud at first, and then peters off into a few random pops which is when you know to remove the popcorn from the heat, or in this case, that you've just put everyone else who's ever popped bubble wrap to absolute shame. All I want to do now is wrap my whole body in head-to-toe bubbles and roll around on the floor, listening to it pop. Instead, I'll just get my fix listening to the sound of the popping in the hydraulic press on repeat. It's fast, but worth it:

If you're now in the bubble wrap Internet hole like I am, let me help you out:

Here are some cats battling bubble wrap. (Hint: It's very hilarious.)

Here are some guys being bubble wrap gladiators. (The best bit is when they scooter over bubble wrap)

Here is a compilation video of people thinking of the most amazing ways to pop bubble wrap (including break dancing on it, and even driving a car over it).

And then, of course, there's Joey and Chandler:

Image: Steven Depolo/Flickr