11 Times Tom Hiddleston Was The Coolest Person

Filming is in full swing for Tom Hiddleston's new television miniseries, and the Hiddlestoner/paparazzi gods have blessed us with many photos from The Night Manager set. Now, any picture of Tom Hiddleston is a good one — the man looks flawless even in blurry candid shots. But there's something about these Night Manager ones that are special — namely that Tom Hiddleston has never looked cooler. It turns out that being dressed in a leather jacket, dark sunglasses, and standing near a motorcycle is the perfect combination.

I'm ready to conclude, based on the pictures alone, that this may be Tom Hiddleston's coolest role yet. (And that's saying a lot because he was once a vampire rock star, and that's hard to top on the cool scale.) I'm used to seeing Hiddleston as the dapper gentleman, but this movie is a nice reminder that he's also just really cool. Like, James Bond-level.

But this film isn't the only time Hiddleston has showed off his awesome side. Here are 11 times Hiddleston was too cool for words. (Really though, because Hiddleston admitted he doesn't often even use that adjective. He is literally too cool for the word "cool.")

When He Walked Around Dressed Like This

2016 better hurry up, because The Night Manager needs to happen, like, now.

When He Posed Near This Motorcycle

He's not even riding it yet, and I'm already excited.

When He Posed Near This Motorcycle


He's got his "I'm near a motorcycle" stance down pat.

When He Actually Got On a Motorcycle

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The crossed arms are a nice touch.

When He Made Victorian Garb Totally Awesome

He's amazingly good-looking whether he's dressed in a leather jacket or a three-piece suit. It's a special skill of his.

When He Popped His Collar

Strangely attractive when he does it.

When He Made Turtlenecks Cool

No big deal, he's just posing for GQ magazine here.

When He Does This Arm Pose

It's like he's modeling an invisible watch — and he's doing such a good job that I want one.

That Time He Rode In a Helicopter

The Jaguar commercials were classy and cool.

When He Took This Selfie

It's one of the rare selfies he's taken, and it's pretty much the epitome of stunning.

When He Wore a Bow Tie With Skulls On It

It's subtle, but it's there, and so badass.

Images: Getty Images (3); darlingcap/Tumblr