A Rand Paul Comic Book Has Arrived

by Dina Gachman

It’s spring 2015, yet the 2016 presidential election is in full swing. We can thank Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and, of course, Rand Paul. With regards to that last candidate, we can read about what Paul is doing for his presidential campaign in the papers, or there's another option: a Rand Paul comic book, Political Power: Rand Paul, by Bluewater Productions, that’s set to hit shelves Wednesday.

The Republican Senator from Kentucky just announced his bid for the White House, and he’s already getting the Superman treatment, only instead of flying around and saving lives, he’s doing things like grilling Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi hearings, saying things like, “It’s a failure in leadership…” as a stoic Clinton looks on.

Paul isn’t the first political figure to get the Bluewater treatment. The publisher has put out comic books about everyone from Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton (in 2011) to Marilyn Monroe. The story of Paul’s life is told through an interview he’s giving to a reporter, with the occasional flashback thrown in for good measure. It also shows little Rand getting life lessons from his dad, Texas politician and former presidential hopeful, Ron.

Bluewater says they try to keep the comic books unbiased, so if you’re a comic book junkie, or you’re just really curious about the life of Rand Paul, it should be a fun read. Paul already has his own merchandise for sale at the Rand Paul Store (yes, really), where you can get a Rand Paul Eye Chart ($20.16), Rand on a Stick (set of 12 for $35), or a Giant Rand Paul Birthday Card that’s bigger than a small child. Presidential races in the U.S. can definitely be entertaining, that’s for sure. (Remember Herman Cain? if not, check out his smoking ad. It's been called "the worst ad in the history of politics." And it is.)

So, if you want to get your political history in comic book form, check out Political Power: Rand Paul. And maybe pick up Hillary Clinton's book while you’re at it. You know, for balance.