9 Times It's Totally Cool To Wear PJs In Public

by Chrissa Hardy

Did you guys know that April 16 is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day? There's no experience in life quite as satisfying as climbing into soft, cozy pajamas at the end of a terrible, horrible, no good,very bad day. It's like crack for the weary and exhausted soul (I think, I've never done crack or any serious drugs so I can't be sure. BTW, do not do crack and compare because that would be a ridiculously awful idea). But it's an amazing sensation nonetheless. Pajamas lead us from a hectic period of being "on" in the presence of people we are paid to be courteous to at work, and brings us into a state of rest, where we can be exactly ourselves.

Because pajamas have this wondrous, mystical power, it's only fitting that they get an obscure national holiday to celebrate all the good feels they provide. It might be best to put out a feeler to your coworkers to see how many people are planning on participating, because it would be 50 shades of YIKES if you were the only one. But that doesn't mean that you can't proudly rock your jams elsewhere in public. We live in a world of yoga pants and hoodie love, so this attire choice is way more acceptable than ever before. Here are all the times it's totally cool to wear your pajamas in public.

1. Within 48 hours of a breakup

Some might say that a breakup is a "personal problem" and leaving the house looking unshowered and sad makes it seem like you're just grasping for attention, but I say this is utter bullsh**. Don't behave this way if you were together for less than a month, because even you know that you can bounce back from that. But a breakup after a long-term and serious relationship is soul-shattering, and if you're so sad that staying in your pajamas is the thing that gives you even a sliver of comfort, then do it.

2. When you're really sick

When you're sick, you should be staying in bed. And when you're in bed, you should be comfortable. So this is the prime time to rock those jams, and hopefully that extra rest will get you better soon.

3. When you can pull off a chic work outfit

Somehow pajamas have become a fashionable trend. Pajama tops paired with blazers, and pajama-looking pants rocked with heels and a crisp button-down top? This is music to my ears, and I would like to hug the person who took this bold step on the runway. If you can make it work, then work it, girl.

4. Immediately when you get home from work

Put the car in park. Lock the car doors. Enter your home. Take those constricting pants off immediately. Then slip into your adorable matching jams. This is the single greatest joy of being a working adult. And if you have to leave the house to go get food or stock up on booze, don't even think about changing.

5. Anytime during college

Ah, college. There is no dress code in college, because college students are too busy studying hard and then partying hard to care what they look like. It's truly a beautiful period of life.

6. At the grocery store

If any errand is pajama-worthy, it's this one. All you're doing is buying food. Everyone around you is hungry and too focused on their lists to judge you for your attire, and if they are, then they're just entering a hangry state and YOU should be pitying THEM.

7. Saturdays

Because Saturdays are made for sleeping late and recovering from the previous week.

8. Sundays

Because Sundays are made for sleeping late and preparing for the hellish week ahead.

9. When you host a movie night

Are you really going to have a girls' night in wearing... jeans??? Ick. You bought pizza and ice cream and are planning on laying on the couch. That waistband needs some give.

Image: FOX; Giphy (9)