'The Messengers' May Switch Up An Old Trope

Could an asteroid fall from the sky and trigger the end of days? Of all the questions I have about The Messengers, this is the one I most hope gets answered quickly. Like any good apocalypse-drama, we see the Earth get hit with a falling something at the beginning of the show. Likely an asteroid, but it could be a giant rock, or maybe it's a tesseract, at this point who knows? Some people interpret this event as causing the series' apocalypse. That’s fair, asteroids have gotten a bad rep over the millennium. They’re almost always careening to Earth requiring an elite team of astronaut/cowboys/oil drillers to go blow them up and save the world (at least in movies). So this may be a bit controversial, but I think that The Messengers' posible asteroid will prevent the apocalypse from happening in the first place.

Let’s face facts, if the mystery object were to wipe out the world, the show would be over before they even got started.The only thing for sure is that the rock hits, causing five people to die and then come back to life. But they wake up with superpowers, and a super-charged instinct to prevent the end of the world. I feel like it’s a pretty safe leap in logic to assume that this mystery-rock is what somehow gave them the powers to stop the end of the world. If the asteroid were to be the end, we’d be picking up in a post-apocalyptic society with only a few good looking people left (and I’m pretty sure the CW already has a hit show like that). This asteroid seems like it's trying to help, and I'm betting it will end up playing a larger role as the series goes on.

The Messengers is thematically similar to The Bible's Book of Revelations, and if it ties this mysterious falling object into that story, then the super-rock could actually be a work of God that is being used to create angels. This seems like a heck of a premise to start a show from, so it should be very interesting to how this all plays out. If my theory is right, this will be one of the first stories that I can think of where an asteroid hits the Earth and it’s actually a really good thing. Here’s hoping there is a first time for everything!

Images: Ursula Coyote/The CW (2)