6 Questions We Have About The 'Pan' Movie Poster

by Jennifer Still

Let's get something straight here right away: Peter Pan is clearly one of the best children's stories — and one of the best animated Disney films, for that matter — of all time. It's everything a children's story should be: imaginative, fantastical, wondrous, magical... you get the drift. That's why the news that Warner Bros. is making their own live-action Peter Pan adaptation, Pan, is so amazing to hear. The fact that the release date is getting closer, and we're getting more and more teases of what's to come, is almost too much to bear. The latest thing to be excited about? The Pan movie poster has been unveiled, and it leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

There are a few things we know about Pan for sure. For one, Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard is going to be the most amazing thing mine eyes doth behold for a long, long time. For another, it's more than a bit problematic that Rooney Mara — a Caucasian actress — is playing Native-American character Tiger Lily, but we're all going to have to deal with it if we want to enjoy the movie at all. Thirdly, I only really know Garrett Hedlund as Kirsten Dunst's boyfriend, so I'm looking forward to seeing him as Hook. And, finally, Levi Miller, who will be starring as Peter Pan himself, scored himself a pretty decent gig that will likely result in him becoming one of our next big young Hollywood stars. Oh, and Cara Delevigne is in this, too.

But what about the poster? Sure, it features some of the staples of the Peter Pan universe that we've all come to know and love — the Jolly Roger and Big Ben among them — but what about all the questions it raises?

Does the Jolly Roger have its name in neon lights?

The Jolly Roger is a pirate ship, not a Times Square billboard. However, this does look pretty cool.

Why is the moon so big?

I mean, I'm assuming because the Jolly Roger is flying so close to it, but it seems a bit extreme. Is the moon its own character in this film?

How true will Pan stay to the original Peter Pan story?

The tagline — "Every legend has a beginning" — tells us what we already know: this is a prequel of sorts. Pan will show us how Peter Pan became the legend he is, but the only reason he's a legend is because of what he does as Peter Pan. What mischief did he get up to before then? I NEED TO KNOW.

Is Blackbeard really the star of this movie?

Hugh Jackman gets first billing on the movie poster. Sure, he's the biggest star, but does this also indicate that Blackbeard is going to get some serious screen time in Pan? I can't wait to see Jackman sing and dance in his pirate get-up.

Will Pan show the darker sides of our hero?

The story of Peter Pan has been Disney-fied to the extreme, turning Peter into a pretty tame dude who just likes to fly around and have fun with other kids. In reality, the character was not anyone you'd want your kids around and has a dark side that's a bit terrifying. I'd love to see that brought to life, frankly.

When is this thing coming out?

The bottom of the poster states that Pan is "coming soon." WHEN? WHY ARE YOU TORTURING US?! IMDB points to a July 25th release, but, given that the official poster lists none, I'm a bit skeptical. How dare they make us wait!

Check out the full poster below.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures (7)