Why 'TVD' Needs To Make Elena Human Again

It can be very unsettling to see a central character leave one of your all-time favorite shows. Not only will you just plain miss their presence in general, but it also forces you to contemplate the sustainability of the show itself. Which is in large part what makes Nina Dobrev's departure from The Vampire Diaries such a large (and very scary) pill to swallow. I mean, what is TVD without Elena? It's a question we'll eventually be forced to find the answer to. However, that still leaves her inevitable fate up in the air. How will TVD choose to write Elena off? Death, of course, is always a possible option, especially considering this show's knack for breaking our still-beating hearts. But there's also an equally good chance that TVD will decide to make Elena human again.

We already know that the cure is well within her reach, given that Bonnie just hand-delivered the little concoction (or as I like to call it — Vampire-Be-Gone juice) over to Damon. And while he seems more than a little hesitant to give it to her, I have no doubt that its existence will soon be revealed to all, whether he wants it to be or not. This means that Elena is just mere sips away from being mortal again, which, in my humble opinion, really would be the best possible solution for our heroine's story arc. And here's why…

It Could Mean She Potentially Survives

Normally, you'd think that being a vampire would be a solid way to ensure the continuation of said person's life span, however, given that this is TVD that we're talking about, chances are that if Elena does remain a vampire, then there'd only be one surefire way to get rid of her character, and that'd be by killing her off. At least this way, if Elena's human again, she could leave in an attempt to start fresh with a new and (dare I say) normal life. Would it still make for a sad goodbye? Absolutely. But it's a much more uplifting prospect than the alternative.

It Would Give Her The Option To Return

Let's not overlook the fact that if Elena does survive, that means Dobrev could occasionally come back to the show for a couple of guest star appearances. I'm not saying that would happen immediately or very often, for that matter, but at the very least it would give us the hopeful possibility.

It Might Reverse Her Damon Compulsion

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the rule is here, but since becoming a vampire allows people to remember everything they were compelled to forget as humans, then there could be a chance that it works both ways. Maybe being human again will allow Elena to remember everything she was compelled to forget as a vampire. It's a long shot, sure, but if it gives her all of those lost Delena memories back then I'd consider it a worthwhile pursuit.

Switching Off Her Emotions Would No Longer Be An Option

Sorry, girl, but you wouldn't be able to wipe your problems away so easily anymore. And I think we can all agree that would definitely be a good thing.

Matt Wouldn't Feel So Left Out Anymore

Poor Matt. He's basically the only resident in the Mystic Falls who has yet to transform into a supernatural being of some sort. Making Elena mortal again could help tip the scales back in his favor — even if it's only for a brief moment in time.

She Could Finally Get A Happy Ending

And given everything she's been through throughout these past six seasons, I'd say she's more than earned it.

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