Watching Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry Sing Karaoke Together Will Make Your Day

If you ever feared that you'd go through life without knowing if RPattz could sing, fear not. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, a video has appeared out of nowhere featuring Robert Pattinson singing karaoke with Katy Perry. Oh and it gets better. Their song choice? Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You."

Besides singing an amazing song, the pretty random pair seem very friendly at the 2008 birthday party where this was apparently recorded. They're almost definitely drunk... well, Perry is almost definitely drunk. In Pattinson's defense, that's just how he seems all the time. Either way, they're having an amazing time, forgetting the words, enthusiastically singing anyway, Perry even hops on Pattinson's lap at one point.

Besides a rare appearance of the two together, especially back then, there's another unusual sight—casual Perry. We're used to seeing the singer in full hair and makeup and her bright, attention-grabbing wardrobe, but in the video, she's wearing a ski hat and long sleeved T-shirt. It's probably because the video happened back before she was a superstar — nowadays, even a drunk karaoke-singing Perry would probably have on at least one bejeweled piece of clothing.

Watch the video below to see that sometimes stars really are just like us, and get giggly when they drunkenly sing Boyz II Men at karaoke.

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