Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013 Include Nicole Richie, NPH, & Many, Many More

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Halloween is fast approaching and while some celebrities are making us wait for the real holiday to reveal their costumes, others have been giving previews for weeks. Just remember when looking at the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013 that they had a lot more time and money to spend on dress up than you did.

No one's judging you for wearing a flannel and boots and calling yourself a cowgirl, or throwing on a sports jersey and some eyeliner as eyeblack — we've all been there. Maybe this year's best celebrity costumes will give you some inspiration for next year.

From Neil Patrick Harris to Jeff Bowman to Lea Michele to Fergie and Josh Duhamel, this year's crop of star costumes are on point. It's like they have access to costume closets the size of football fields and professional hair and makeup artists at their beckon call. Oh, wait. They do. Which is why their costumes are always amazing, and why we end up fielding questions all night like, "Ohhh, love the costume! Just, what are you, exactly, again?"

Got to hand it to these stars, though. They really went all out for the holiday and we're happy to see them take advantage of their plentiful resources. We'll be updating the gallery as more come in, but here are the best costumes so far.

Written by Samantha Rullo & Rachel Semigran

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