Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013 Include Nicole Richie, NPH, & Many, Many More

Halloween is fast approaching and while some celebrities are making us wait for the real holiday to reveal their costumes, others have been giving previews for weeks. Just remember when looking at the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013 that they had a lot more time and money to spend on dress up than you did.

No one's judging you for wearing a flannel and boots and calling yourself a cowgirl, or throwing on a sports jersey and some eyeliner as eyeblack — we've all been there. Maybe this year's best celebrity costumes will give you some inspiration for next year.

From Neil Patrick Harris to Jeff Bowman to Lea Michele to Fergie and Josh Duhamel, this year's crop of star costumes are on point. It's like they have access to costume closets the size of football fields and professional hair and makeup artists at their beckon call. Oh, wait. They do. Which is why their costumes are always amazing, and why we end up fielding questions all night like, "Ohhh, love the costume! Just, what are you, exactly, again?"

Got to hand it to these stars, though. They really went all out for the holiday and we're happy to see them take advantage of their plentiful resources. We'll be updating the gallery as more come in, but here are the best costumes so far.

Written by Samantha Rullo & Rachel Semigran

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Harper and Gideon

Let's just get this out of the way now. No family will ever have as amazing of costumes as the Harris-Burtka crew. They just keep topping themselves. They've done Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz and now, Alice in Wonderland. Harris and Burtka are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Harper is Alice and Gideon is the White Rabbit. It's too cute for words.

Image: instagranph/Instagram

Ed Sheeran

This is definitely less cute. Here's Ed Sheeran freaking out Taylor Swift as some kind of mime/clown thing. Odd choice.

— Sam Rullo

Image: edsheeran/Instagram

Ellen DeGeneres

This might not end up being Ellen's real costume, but it totally should be. She's probably the only person who can pull off being a self-promoting jack o'lantern. If it's not her costume, the altered book should at least be used as a Halloween decoration.

— Sam Rullo

Image: theellenshow/Instagram

Lauren Conrad

We only got a tiny peek at LC's costume for this year, a pair of black lace bunny ears. But knowing the consistently perfect designer, the rest is definitely amazing. And her makeup will fit in flawlessly with the outfit. And her makeup. And hair. And probably her boyfriend's outfit because girl knows how to complete a look.

— Sam Rullo

Image: laurenconrad/Instagram

Paris Hilton

Hilton hasn't posted her final selection for Halloween this year yet, but these are some of the costumes she's apparently considering. Hilton captioned the photo, "Can't wait for Halloween! Love all the cute costumes from @Electric Laundry, they are so creative." So look out for Hilton as some kind of Disney princess/showgirl combo.

— Sam Rullo

Image: parishilton/Instagram

Kelly Osbourne

It looks like Osbourne's costume has been complete for weeks. As Dame Edna Everage, a drag character created by Australian comedian Humphries, Osbourne pairs butterfly glasses with a sequined dress and some big hair.

— Sam Rullo

Image: kellyosbourne/Instagram

Heidi Klum

Known for the extragavant costumes she wears to her notorious annual Halloween party, Klum posted this photo three months ago. It must take a lot of work to have the best celebrity costume every year. Cleary when this photo was taken Klum's costume was nowhere near ready, unless she's going as melted Play-Doh. Whatever the result is, if it needed this much preparation, it's going to be memorable — even by Klum standards.

— Sam Rullo

Image: heidiklum/Instagram

Hilary Duff

This may or may not be a part of Duff's Halloween costume. She posted the photo with the caption, "This is how luca made me cook dinner tonight meeeeow," referring to her one-and-half-year-old son. It's usually not a coincidence when someone has a costume accessory laying around a week before Halloween, so we might be getting some kind of cat Duff this year.

— Sam Rullo

Image: hilaryduff/Instagram

JWoww and Snooki

As if there was ever a doubt that JWoww would be anything but the baddie queen. Snooki rocked the Good Queen costume alongside her number one Dancing With the Stars cheerleader.

—Rachel Semigran

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

JWoww and Snooki 2.0

Hang on? Did JWoww and Snooki just become one of our new favorite celeb besties? I think they just did. Even as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, I still would not want to get into a bar fight with either of them.

—Rachel Semigran

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Martha Stewart

The queen of crafting outdid herself this year as the Good Queen. Naturally she would have the most access to bubblegum pink tulle and the wand is likely somehow made from last year's Thanksgiving leftovers.

—Rachel Semigran

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was Batman and Eric Stonestreet was something from a horrible childhood nightmare. Have fun sleeping tonight, readers!

—Rachel Semigran

Image: EricStonestreet/Instagram

Lea Michele

Danke, ladies! Lea Michele and a friend posed in sexy lederhosen. Let's pretend they called each other "Schnitzel" all night and did a highly choreographed clog dance. Eat your heart out, David Hasselhoff.

—Rachel Semigran

Image: MsLeaMichele/Instagram

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Oh look, the old guy who runs Playboy just dressed as Robin Thicke with Crystal Harris as Miley Cyrus. The level of puke-worthy creepiness just rose to an astronomical level. There is so much wrong with this, there's no way another celebrity costume could get any worse...

—Rachel Semigran

Image: HughHefner/Instagram

Julianne Hough

...Nope, it just got worse. It definitely just got worse. Julianne Hough actually wore blackface as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black. The actress recently apologized for the painfully offensive costume, but we have a feeling she won't be let off the hook for this anytime soon. BLACKFACE IS NEVER OKAY. EVER. Nope. No. Never. This is terrible.

—Rachel Semigran

Image: DerekHough/Instagram

Derek Hough

Oh good! One of the Houghs is capable of having a costume that's not completely racist. Good call on Billy Idol, Derek.

—Rachel Semigran

Image: DerekHough/Instagram

Chris Colfer

Sexy R2D2 is definitely a thing. Oh Chris, your Gleeks have just entered into a new realm of sexual awakenings.

—Rachel Semigran

Image: hrhchriscolfer/Instagram

Jessica Alba

So apparently Jessica Alba was Cher in the Witches of Eastwick... does this just make everyone else think Spring Breakers: 15 Years Later?

—Rachel Semigran

Image: JessicaAlba/Instagram

Adam Lambert and Lance Bass

We absolutely loved Lance Bass and his fiance Michael Turchin as Wayne and Garth because it made us say "Zaaaaaang." Here the fellas pose with a Genie-fied Adam Lambert and a friend dressed as...an army trooper with snake eyes? A ParaZombie? There's a pun in that costume somewhere.

—Rachel Semigran

Image: LanceBass/Instagram

Chord Overstreet

In case you were wondering, Chord Overstreet will definitely be able to shed his squeaky-clean appeal after Glee wraps because SERIOUSLY, GREAT JOB ON THIS. Unfortunately Sons of Anarchy: The Musical isn't a thing... yet.

—Rachel Semigran

Image: Chordover/Instagram

Nicole Richie

That's right, Nicole Ritchie makes the perfect Danny DeVito in Twins. That is a sentence that, when said out loud, actually makes sense now. Thank you Nicole, for giving us all that gift.

—Rachel Semigran

Image: NicolerRichie/Instagram

Angela Kinsey

Yes, but do they let you bring your cats into a fighter jet?

—Rachel Semigran

Image: Instagram via angelakinsey

Jeff Bowman

Jeff Bowman went as a sumo wrestler, or rather, went as "looking how everyone feels the morning after a Halloween party."

—Rachel Semigran

Image: Instagram via marcmalkin

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

This Day of the Dead duo is, say it with me, FERGALICIOUS. Way to commit to a costume, you two.

—Rachel Semigran

Image: Instagram via joshduhamel