Miley Cyrus' Transformation Summed Up In Just a Single GIF

A lot of people talk about how much Miley Cyrus has changed and compare photos of her from the Hannah Montana days to now in order to shock everyone, but what many don't realize is that this transformation of hers was pretty gradual — she didn't just wake up one day and decide to chop all her hair off and learn to twerk. And now, we can see it all in one place: Thanks to The Huffington Post's Andy McDonald on Twitter, our lives are now blessed with a single GIF of Miley Cyrus' style evolution, covering her transition from Hannah Montana start to twerking queen.

After watching the full GIF, it seems Miley's story can be likened to only one — like Walter White's evolution on Breaking Bad, Miley's followed the basic rules of chemistry as well: Growth, decay, then transformation. The decay, obviously, was that time she thought cowboy boots were a good fashion choice to wear out in public, with paparazzi all around her. But hey, we all make mistakes. Forgive and forget, learn and move on.

You can check out the GIF below. The wrecking ball at the end is a really nice touch.