Dylan O'Brien & Britt Robertson's Cutest Moments

I didn't know much about Britt Robertson before I saw her popping up on my television every five minutes in The Longest Ride commercials. (Well, in the moments I was able to rip my eyes away from Scott Eastwood's smoldering gaze.) But now, I know that she's been steadily starring in loads of shows and films for many years, and is all-around adorable and super talented. I also learned that sBritt Robertson is dating Dylan O'Brien, and it seems like a match made in heaven.

The two met in 2012 when they starred in The First Time together, playing two high schoolers who fall in love over a weekend. How much more perfect can a meeting get? It seems like they have been inseparable ever since and have shared plenty of red carpet moments together and a few double dates with X Factor winners Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton, of Alex & Sierra, which the musical couple befriended after they first moved to L.A. Awww, they're just too cute.

Because I am all about celebrating love and will not rant and be bitter about my current singledom, I gathered some of the cutest photos and moments between Robertson and O'Brien. Looks like sometimes love in Hollywood can be real and go the distance.

When Dylan Promoted Britt's Latest Film

Oh, stop!

When They Swam With A Dolphin

Because there is just a lot of cute things in one picture.

When They Took A Selfie By A Lake

The setting is just so romantic.

When They Posed For Silly Prom Pics

A couple that is silly together, stays together.

When Their On-Screen Chemistry Was Real


And They Embraced Like This

Yup, I think this is the real deal.

Images: Giphy; Twitter