Marion Cotillard Returns to the '20s

I wish this trailer didn't look so damn cheesy, because I have it on good authority that this movie is excellent. If it wasn't for the music that plays around the end, the clip would have probably been salvageable, but alas — the music plays, and suddenly this film feels less 2013, more 1996. Don't let all that discourage you, though; despite this first trailer, The Immigrant is great, and definitely a must-see.

If you're not familiar from the reviews already (the film has already premiered at a few film festivals including Cannes and New York), The Immigrant follows Marion Cotillard's character, Ewa Cybulski, a French immigrant who moves to NYC in 1921 in search of the American dream. She quickly meets Joaquin Phoenix's Bruno Weiss, who forces her into prostitution knowing she is desperate — and the only person who's able to help her escape is Bruno's cousin, Orlando (Jeremy Renner), a magician. It's not the first time Cotillard has played a '20s character, Midnight in Paris fans will recall, and the era completely suits her classic features.

The film has already been getting great reviews from places like The New Yorker, Film.com, and The Playlist — and it seems pretty likely that the trend will continue whenever the film hits theaters (no date has been set for the US, yet). Until then, check out the trailer below.