Let's Revisit Britney Spears' Album Art Through The Years And Remember How Awesome It Is

Centuries from now, historians will refer to 2013 as The Year Pop Songs Became the Worms From The Movie Slither. Get that look off of your face. You know you can't resist singing along with "Do What U Want" or "Roar" or "Wrecking Ball." They've taken over our minds. And the crown jewel? Britney Spears's "Work Bitch." Keep working on your impression of "lihve inn ah big mahhnshunn," I won't judge you. Brit Brit is a living legend, so when a letter to her fans AND new album art popped up on her website this morning, I ran to the nearest tattoo shop to get both inked across my shoulder blades. Just kidding, Mom!

Britney Jean will be available Dec. 3, the day after her 32nd birthday, and my body is READY. The album art is black, white, and beautiful all over. In the letter, she writes,"I can’t believe this is my eighth studio album and I know I keep telling you that it is my most personal record yet, but its true and I’m really proud of that." Eighth! Damn, Ms. Spears. We are so hashtag blessed to be alive during the Britney Spears era. So why not pay homage to this wonderful artist? And by homage, I mean "let's take a trip down album art memory lane."

'…Baby One More Time' (1999)

So very dELiA*s catalog-chic. Platform sandals? Thaaaank youuuu. I haven't asked my dentist for a confirmation, but I have to assume there was a spike in teeth whitening popularity after the release of this album. No one does pearly whites like Brit Brit.

Image: Jive

'Oops!... I Did It Again' (2000)

Oh whoa, those beaded curtains. I covet those beaded curtains. When I look at this album cover, the world suddenly smells like Bath & Body Works Art Stuff Blazin' Blueberry Roll On Glitter and I want to replace my entire wardrobe with clothes from Limited Too.

Image: Jive

'Britney' (2001)

Denim, fringed moccasins, the use of multiple pre-Instagram filters, and an angsty pink slash on the diagonal, this album cover is her at her most "chill." "Oh, hi! I'm Britney Jean Spears. Just kickin' it on my porch. Don't mind that mattress. The trash collector comes today, so it'll be gone by sundown. Want to go get ICEEs?"

Image: Jive

'In The Zone' (2003)


Image: Jive

'Blackout' (2007)

This is my favorite B-Spears album cover. It's so bananas. Fedora! Britney with black hair (such a specific era of pop culture)! Enormous typeface! A blurry image in the background! A series of dizzying squares layered over the blurry image! Don't try to read into any of it. The actual album is a pop masterpiece, so you can't judge this book by its ramshackle cover.

Image: Jive/Zomba

'Circus' (2008)

The font follows the theme of the album title, but Brit Brit is wearing a… formal gown? Tutu? Curtain? Tablecloth? And she's sitting in front of a… formal gown? Tutu? Curtain? Tablecloth? Where's the circus?! This cover had so much potential. Why isn't she juggling or breathing fire or standing on an elephant? Someone could've Photoshop'd any of that in no problem. Or even easier, they could've used a still from the "Circus" music video. SOMETHING.

Image: Jive

'Femme Fatale' (2011)

She looks like someone who just danced for 15 days straight, no breaks for naps or water or granola bars. Her weave has that "I'm covered in sweat and fog machine" texture that no one achieves better than Britney. But you better believe her makeup is INTACT.

Image: Jive

'Britney Jean' (2013)

This cover is her most understated. Perhaps it is a reflection of her mellowed-out lifestyle. Always rooted for you, Brit! The only pop of color is the neon lettering, which might strike you as a tad derivative of Bangerz . Meh, who cares. She's Britney, snitch! She's danced with a snake, kissed Madonna, dated Justin Timberlake, referenced Titanic in a song, will be headlining her own Las Vegas show, and, oh right!, has released hit after hit for over a decade. Or, as she puts it in "Piece of Me": "I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17." She can do whatever she wants.

Image: RCA