Jennifer Garner's 10 Best 'Alias' Transformations

by Christie Drozdowski

I'm currently binge watching Alias on Netflix, and one of the most amazing things about it is undoubtedly Jennifer Garner's fashion in Alias , and the sheer amount of looks and styles she can pull off. We all know the woman has a lovely body, with her athletic and feminine qualities. But what is probably the most fun thing for the female audience of Alias (besides watching Sidney Bristow and Michael Vaughn's budding relationship) is checking out all the amazing clothes Jennifer Garner got to wear. She embodied countless personalities and characters as her aliases on the show, and while her superb acting totally made each of those characters come to life, I'd have to say it's the styles and outfits that helped her pull off all those crazy and sometimes outlandish roles.

One of the most fun things about paying attention to her clothes on the show as I watch it almost 10 years after it ended is all the early '2000s fashions that made their way into each episode. Sidney Bristow's professional style as a CIA agent is pretty timeless, but it's all those costumes she wore on her missions in her ass-kicking, bad-guy defeating scenes that really remind you how far we've come in just a little over a decade as far as clothes go.

Nevertheless, here are 10 styles Jennifer Garner made look amazing and that we secretly wish we could all try.

1. The Spanish Lover

I'm loving the tint of her hair color with that lipstick shade and that dress. I mean, in this shot she looks straight out of a fashion magazine.

2. The European Fashionista

It's probably the bangs and that lacy, see-through dress, but she looks so European-princess here. Also, her shoulders are perfect for that cut.

3. The (Many Times She Was A) Goth

This look would never be on my radar for her when see almost any picture of the celeb, but she totally rocks it, and makes 2001 goth rock look fabulous.

4. The Brainiac

I just love her very French hairstyle and glasses in this alias, but my favorite part of her characterization of this role was her absolutely perfect nerd voice.

5. The Little Black Dress

That slicked back hair and cleavage would make anyone take a second look, but my favorite part of this outfit was how she ripped her dress so unrealistically to improvise in this scene.

6. The Party Girl

The woman just knows how to wear a cocktail dress, but I probably liked this dress so much because of its vague similarity to the infamous 13 Going on 30 look:

7. The Lingerie Model

I mean, c'mon, she's crazy sexy in this number, and I've got to give the girl credit for the many times she had to wear bikinis or lingerie on the show. She always seemed to be able to do so without it coming across as sleezily cheesy.

8. The Vegas Flapper Girl

Who knows how one accomplishes stealing a Vegas show costume and getting backstage to do her CIA agent stuff, but anyway, she looks great in that head piece!

9. The Sassy Trend-Setter

Sure, these sunglasses are so 2002, but they've got secret CIA photo technology in them. What's not to love?

10. Daddy's Little Rich Girl

The Rich Girl was a persona she played lots of times in her aliases, but I particularly like the crisp white sleeveless top she's wearing in this one. And nothing says fabulous like a hat!

Images: Getty; ABC; Columbia Pictures