Kylie Jenner Whitens Her Teeth With Coconut Oil

It's not often that we get to see Kylie Jenner's smile, as she's always sporting that Kardashian-Jenner pout, but when we do see her flash a smile, she has perfect white teeth, of course. Now, we know why and how she gets those pearly whites: Kendall Jenner does oil pulling to whiten her teeth.

Kylie Instagrammed a picture today of the teeth-whitening product that she uses, and it looks awesome and simple to use. I have always been interested in oil pulling but thought it seemed like a hassle. Jenner's post may be the solution to a less-mess oil pulling method.

What you see in Jenner's Insta is a pack of minty CocoWhite "sachets" — AKA pouches of coconut oil that are ready to use and access instead of spooning clumps of coconut oil from a jar into your mouth. CocoWhite is a United Kingdom-based company that has brilliantly created a simple solution for natural teeth whitening (why did it take this long to come up with something like this?!).

Other teeth whitening products are packaged for easy use, so it totally makes sense to individually package coconut oil as well. I am sure other natural brands will soon jump on the wagon and adapt a product like this (if they already haven't).

The CocoWhite product was hugely popular before Kylie Jenner's endorsement, but now, they might not be able to keep up with demand. I know I am interested in it, thanks to KJ's Instagram approval!

Images: Getty Images (1); Kylie Jenner/Instagram