Why Chrissy Teigen Is A Body Positive Icon

by Jessica Willingham

Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated supermodel, cook, and writer. That's a lot of titles that don't typically mesh, but just for good measure let's add another to her name—Chrissy Teigen, body positive icon. Chrissy loves to share her life and humor via her personal Instagram account and in one of my favorite posts, Chrissy shared her kitchen battle scars (bruises from running into kitchen drawers). As almost an afterthought, she added "Hi stretchies!" to the post caption, referencing the visible stretch marks on her thighs. 1. Calling them "stretchies" is adorable —how can you be mad at something called a stretchy?, and 2. Seeing a beautiful supermodel with stretch marks is rare enough, but sharing them for the whole world to see is encouraging and refreshing to all of us.

Of course, one post an icon does not make, but Chrissy's vulnerability and honesty shines through so many of her posts. On Oscar night this year, she eagerly dove into an In-and-Out burger, cut-out bodycon dress be dammed. She did it, she loved it, she shared it via Instagram.

Normally, I roll my eyes at faux look-at-me-I'm-just-like-you celebrity posts. Sharing a no-makeup selfie so we can all see your well-pampered, baby smooth, high-dollar skin is not being "real." It's a little manipulative, to be honest. As we view those posts, we can't help but feel bad that we don't look that good without makeup. Granted, our insecurities aren't a celebrity's problem. Yet, most agree that a celebrity in the social media age has a certain amount of responsibility to fans to be authentic, honest, and engaged.

Yet, Chrissy embodies all those killer celeb characteristics. She doesn't call out her flaws, she owns them. She doesn't hide her indulgences, she celebrates them. She doesn't apologize for her passions, she shares them with her nearly 2 million Instagram followers.

The fact that she's beautiful, toned, and charming is not what makes her an icon. Her enthusiasm, ownership and vulnerability around her body is what makes her a role model for positive body image. That, and she's a skilled chef. Invite me to dinner, Chrissy. Let's be best friends.

Here's 10 reasons why Chrissy Teigen is a body positive icon.

1. She's not afraid to strut her stretchies...

2. Or reveal what it takes to get great skin

3. She (mostly) fuels her body with good food

4. But knows what it's like to be between a cracker and a hard place

5. She knows how to conceal what she doesn't love

6. And reveal what she does

7. She isn't afraid of looking silly

8. Or sporting a double chin

9. She admits body makeup (and granny panties) are real

10. And burgers are just too damn delicious

Images: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram