7 Impressive Halloween Makeup How-To's

By Candace Bryan

Last week we looked at some easy makeup tutorials for Halloween. But as I mentioned, there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube for costume makeup that are, like, ridiculously impressive.

Since I know some of you are way more skilled with eyeliner than I am, and are looking to go all out this weekend, I know you'll want to check out these inspirational, almost unbelievable how-tos. As for the rest of us, we can just ogle at the power of makeup.

1. Steampunk Cinderella: Goldie Starling is a makeup whiz, and though this look is pretty involved she lists every product she used on eBay Deals, so it's a bit more manageable.

2. Chelsea Smile: This is awesomely disgusting, and on the same channel, there's a tutorial for making your own fake blood.

3. Edward Scissorhands: All of Emma Pickles' tutorials are genius, but of course this one is my favorite.

4. Corpse Bride: Speaking of Tim Burton... (Don't worry, there's one for Sally, too.)

5. "Nailed It" Nails: Who says nail art has to be adorkable?

6. Mermaid: This isn't a Disney mermaid. At all. The ears kind of make it.

7. Sugar Skull: Classic, but time consuming.