5 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

by Candace Bryan

If you ever look up Halloween makeup tutorials, you'll see that almost all the videos on YouTube are just professional makeup artists showing off how they can make a face look like it was hit with an ax ten times. It's definitely impressive, but realistically, we're not all going to spend that much time trying to learn those kinds of skills (especially when some of us still need tutorials to help us perfect our eyeliner.)

So to supplement all of Tori's dope tips on how to get Halloween makeup looks, I've gathered some videos with instructions for Halloween makeup that are actually doable, and that you can most likely achieve with products you already own.

1. Dead: To look dead, you basically just do the exact opposite of what you normally do. Don't conceal your flaws, enhance them!

2. Tiger: Can you draw stripes? I think you'll be able to manage this.

3. Mermaid: This girl is ridiculously smart! To get a "scaled" look, she puts fishnet stockings over her skin and presses colorful eye shadow over it.

4. Pin up girl: Fake eyelashes and a fake mole. Done.

5. Vampire: This makeup is for those who want to be a Sexy Vampire, so it strikes a good balance between sultry and scary.