Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill's Cutest Couple Moments Prove How Adorable They Are Together — PHOTOS

I didn't get the memo until about just now, but apparently 2015 is the defining year of music mavens in love. Even more than that, it's the year when some amazing ladies found the right, deserving people to settle down with, and in essence crushed the rest of the world who had been holding out hope they'd be the ones to wed them. First, it was Lady Gaga's engagement to Taylor Kinney that had everyone abuzz. And now, it might be Nicki Minaj's turn to show off her big love to the world: According to E! Online, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill may be engaged. I know, I know. It's cool to be mad that you couldn't get to either one of them first. Just don't make a scene, people.

Jealousy aside, this is incredibly happy news for both of the rappers, who have been vocal about their relationship and love for one another on social media, and it's actually because of their exchanges on Twitter and Instagram that these engagement rumors exist. First, Minaj shared the news of her possible engagement to Mill with a Twitter post insinuating as much. Then, shortly after, Minaj posted a photo of what could possibly be an engagement ring, but gave no comment confirming or denying the reports.

So, in response to these rumors, Bustle has reached out for comment, but has yet to hear back. So, until then — and in honor of a possible Mill-Minaj wedding — here are the couple's cutest moments. (I'll warn you in advance, it's almost too much to handle.)

Okay, first things first

The ring! It's a heart! Nothing else needs to be said.

Do I even need to clarify this?

It was obvs for Minaj.

Or this?

aurore koummbah on YouTube

It's just too much.

I mean...

Seriously, guys? Seriously?!

When she got romantic with a Meek Mill mask

Love is weird, but still adorable.

These power couple shots:

Who needs glamour shots anymore, you know?

When he called her a "10"

*Rosy cheeks emoji*

When he lauded her strength

So much envy.

You guys...


Vacation pics

Even Miami looks good on them.

PDA Pics

So romantic.

When they do totally normal couple-y things

Just let her have this one, Meek.