Chris Pratt Will Star As 'The Real McCoy', But What Other Action Heroes Could He Play?

Chris Pratt is a pretty hot commodity these days, wouldn't you agree? He's come a long way from his Parks & Recreation days as Andy Dwyer, the goofy and directionless — yet undeniably lovable — parks department employee we all knew and loved. Now Pratt is super buff, super handsome, and super in demand in Hollywood. He's voiced the lead character in The Lego Movie and starred in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. In addition, Pratt has a part in The Magnificent Seven, and now his action hero streak continues with the announcement that Pratt will star in The Real McCoy, action-adventure movie I'm already excited to see. Given his recent choice of projects, one thing's for certain: Pratt is on an action/adventure roll, and I love it.

Perhaps it's Pratt's ability to be both authoritative (that six pack helps!) and yet humorous and down-to-earth that makes him the perfect candidate to bring these big characters to life. After all, heroes are extraordinary in many ways, but, without humanity, their impact will fail to land with audiences. Hollywood execs have clearly noticed this and have grabbed him up quicker than you can say "Action!"

Pratt's recent string of role choices has made me wonder what other legendary parts he might take on in future. Y'all ready for this? I'm daring to dream big here.

Indiana Jones

This is a fairly obvious choice, given that rumors have been swirling for several months that Pratt might sign up for the latest installment of the franchise. Of course, the major problem here is timing, since he's only a mere mortal that's unable to be two places at once. Still, I could see him easily taking on the legendary role once played by Harrison Ford, couldn't you?


Antonio Banderas was great and all, but I could deal with a Zorro remake that starred Chris Pratt — mainly because you know it would be hilarious and slapstick and full of action, as well. Plus, the role of an outlaw protecting the underdog just seems like a natural fit, doesn't it?

Captain Hook

This is an unlikely role, considering Pan is soon to hit theaters and it's Garrett Hedlund who's got the role of Hook. But so what? Why not make a Peter Pan movie where it's all about Hook and put Pratt in the lead role? Come on, Hollywood — I'm giving you free ideas, here! Imagining Pratt with a hook for a hand is both hilarious and vaguely sexy, so let's get on this one, stat.

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry was a classic Clint Eastwood movie — and just a classic movie altogether — which, crazily enough, hasn't been remade since the 1971 original. Pratt as Inspector Callahan out to catch the bad guys is an almost too-perfect fit, and I'd love to see him bring this story into the new millennium.

Robin Hood

I know Kevin Costner and Cary Elwes made this role a classic, but Hollywood's remaking everything else these days, so why not a modernized Robin Hood? Pratt's nice guy persona would make him a perfect fit for the "steal from the rich to give to the poor" hero. Plus, I'm sure many of us would not mind seeing him in tights, right? Also, yes, I'm aware Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett just did this in 2010, but did they do it justice?


Is it sacrilege to suggest anyone other than Sylvester Stallone for the role of Rambo? I feel like it probably is, but I'm a rule breaker, so I'm doing it anyway. Pratt could do Stallone proud in a Rambo remake, if not now then in, like, five years time. That would give him a chance to get his archery skills on point, and to make all the other movies I'm suggesting first, because this thing could be major (or a major disaster, but I'm an optimist).

The Terminator

Look, I'm not saying we need a Terminator remake already, I'm saying I'd watch it if Chris Pratt was the star, okay? Get over it.

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