This Russian Trio Lip Syncing In Their Car Just Crushed Every Car Lip Sync That Will Ever Happen Anywhere — VIDEO

A few weeks ago, we all had the honor and privilege of watching the Australian girls in the trio SketchSHE lip sync through the decades in their car. They were adorable, hilarious, and—most importantly—sitting in a stationary vehicle. But being the badasses that they are, this Russian trio lip syncing hit songs from a moving car proves that not only are Russians pretty much more badass than the rest of the world can ever hope to be, but they are one hundred percent more committed to the lip syncing cause. There are things that Bonia and Kuzmich do that I'm not even sure I'm capable of when I'm not trying to operate a motor vehicle.

The only word of advice I'm going to give you before you watch this video and take the mystical lip syncing journey of your dreams is that you should be prepared to deal with the fact that we will never be as cool as these humans. You will spend the rest of your life trying, and probably never even come close. Both their choreography and total mastery of songs both in Russian and English is so prolific that you might actually watch this and weep a little bit for yourself, and that's OK. You're not alone.

Here is just a sampling of the gems that this ridiculous trio has put into the world. (Trust me, you're going to spend a large portion of it trying to figure out what the actual hell is going on with their car.)

"Chandelier" by Sia


Kristen Wiig needs to get in on this, stat.

"Thriller" by Michael Jackson


Look closely. The car is going backwards.

"Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding


HANDS DOWN the best interpretation of this song mine eyes have ever seen.

A random Russian song that is super catchy and everyone needs to hear



Here is the full video in all of its glory, with a bunch more songs that you will hate yourself forever if you miss:

Bonya Kuzmich on YouTube

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