These Wine Glasses That Look Like Beakers Are Every Nerdy Wine-Lover's Dream Come True — PHOTOS

Recognizing that lots of people who are into science are also into wine, Connecticut-based company Periodic Tableware (I CANNOT WITH THAT NAME, IT IS TOO GOOD) has released a line of wine glasses shaped like beakers and other laboratory equipment. The line began with a successful Kickstarter campaign launched in 2013 by designer Marshall Jamshidi. Now, less than two years later, you can now buy these science-y glasses to spice up your bar cart (or your lab). For something that could easily fall into the realm of “gag gift,” Periodic Tableware’s glassware is surprisingly attractive. According to the company’s website, the line was created with the intention of finding balance between novelty and actual function:

Laboratory glass has an appeal that is both alien and recognizable. Its iconic look conveys the power of science, and in its clarity are curves that are clean and beautiful.

From this realization, Periodic Tableware was born. Using scientific glassware as both the material and inspiration, we have developed a line of drinkware that aims to be simultaneously entertaining and practical, elegant and amusing, nostalgic and unique.

In addition to wine glasses, Periodic Tableware’s line of laboratory-themed glassware also includes martini glasses, decanters, tumblers, and adorable teeny-tiny beaker shot glasses. They would be a fun gift for scientists and anyone looking to add a little—wait for it—chemistry to their evenings. (Oh, come on. I HAD to go there.)

Images: Periodic Tableware/Facebook (2)