'Catfish: The TV Show' Fans Will Love This News

This is probably the most unsurprising news you'll read all day — all weekend, even! — but here you go nonetheless: According to Variety, MTV has renewed Catfish: The TV Show for a third season, meaning Nev and Max will once again be back to travel the country in search of the Internet's most deceptive.

This was pretty much expected considering the series is one of MTV's most successful in a while, and has helped propel the idea of "Catfishing" another person online — lying about your appearance, identity, or both, in an online relationship, that is — into a pop culture fixture. The show only became more popular after that whole Manti Te'o story broke early this year on Deadspin.

Nev and Max haven't revealed what's possibly in store for Season 3 ( Lauren & Derek Part II: The Wedding , perhaps?), but they did post a video on Facebook announcing the show's renewal in a pretty adorable way: It's literally Nev and Max cheering into the camera, saying that Season 3 is on its way. These guys.

If the previous season is any indication, Season 3 should premiere at some point in June of next year — but no production details have been announced yet. Season 2 of Catfish wrapped up earlier this month.