Do You Remember What Happened On 'Orphan Black'?

We made it! We survived a full calendar year and made it to the Season 3 Orphan Black premiere. It was a long road, I watched a lot of weird TV between last year and this year, but now that Orphan Black is back, sleeping should come easier. This season of the BBC America show is definitely going to the best yet because there's a brand new twist thrown in that I could never have seen coming from miles away. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, because I've got the Orphan Black Season 2 recap to remind you of all the crazy things that went down before the Season 3 premiere.

Season 2 of Orphan Black was full of dark twists and turns, revealing that some people were alive, some were dying, and some were alive times three. It was hard to keep up with such a plot-driven finale and not feel like I received whiplash from all the twists, so going through what happened by the end of the second season, and what is most likely going to pull into he third season is much needed.

Here are the most important things to remember about Orphan Black Season 2, before diving into the Clone World of Season 3.

We Met Cal Morrison

Cal is a pretty crucial player in Clone World. He is Kira's father, past — maybe present — flame of Sarah's, and someone I can trust. And in a show like this, that is very much appreciated.

Cosima's Illness Worsens

Cosima's health took a dive in Season 2, as she suffered from the health concerns of, you know, BEING A GENETICALLY MODIFIED CLONE. At one point, it seemed like Kira's bone marrow was going to be able to help Cosima's health, but Rachel destroyed it during a fight with Sarah — right before she got a pencil to the eyeball. Luckily, Cosima is that of a genius, and realized that Ethan Duncan, Rachel's sort of father, had written the sequence to help Cosima in a book he gave to Kira — before killing himself —... so there is hope for Cosima after all.

Paul Works For The U.S. Military

I could never decide if Paul was a good guy or a bad guy, and I still don't know, but we do know he works for the U.S. military. Why is the U.S. military important? Because The government allowed Project Leda to be controlled by Dyad, while the military took control over Project Castor, which brings us to...


THERE ARE MORE OF THEM! So far we know of three male clones (Mark the Prolethean, this guy from the weird cage, and the army guy), but there are definitely more coming our way in Season 3. Like Dyad was in charge of Project Leda, the military was in charge of the male clones, and they might just be more terrifying than the idea of the female ones. No, they definitely are.

There's A New Clone, Charlotte Bowles

Charlotte is the youngest female clone alive. It took 20 years and 400 tries and she is the only one to survive. She is technically a "clone sister" and aunt of Kira. She lives with Marion Bowles, who is a high-power Dyad employee, who I think has all of the answers to all of my questions.

Helena Was Abducted... Again

Helena just keeps getting abducted, doesn't she? This time, after a fun clone dance party — more on that to come — Helena sneaks out of the apartment and is abducted by Paul and Mark. The weird thing is, Mrs. S knows she is abducted and tells Paul (!!!) that Sarah won't forgive her for what she's done. Why did they abduct Helena? Why is Mrs. S so DAMN SHADY?

The Clones Can Dance

It has nothing to do with the plot, but it never hurts to re-watch these women — sorry, ONE WOMAN WHO IS AMAZING — get down.

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