11 Reasons Iced Coffee Is. The. Best.

by Megan Broussard

Flavored beverages are great and I will never say no to a pumpkin spice latte, but there’s one beverage that rules supreme in this crazy, caffeinated world we live in: iced coffee. There’s just no disputing the fact that a good iced coffee recipe is the best drink on the planet, and there are only about a million reasons why — and I can’t wait to share them with you as I type with one hand and sip my iced coffee with the other. (Yes, this took me an extra long amount of time to write, and yes that means I’m very talented. Thank you for your kind words.)

Sure, it's fun to try new flavors in the same way that it's fun to try on weird clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead in walking out of the dressing room. And, it’s all good to date a few guys or girls at once to get a feel for what you like.

But, after a while, those God-awful, cool-for-a-hot-minute trends and smooches with toads get tiring. In these cases, or in the end I should say, you go back to the basics. You go back to that go-to tee in your closet that goes with everything. You choose to be in a monogamous relationship with someone special because they get you. And you love both of these things because they are tried and true. You know you can’t go wrong.

This is essentially why iced coffee is better than all of the flash-in-the-pan flavors out there. But there are more reasons — many, many more. And that's what I'd like to discuss today.

1. Iced coffee gets you pumped

Like, just about life in general. Some may call it caffeine. I call it liquid joy.

2. But, it doesn't make you sugar-crash

An iced latte gives you energy and all that, but it doesn't give you a sugar rush like all of those sugary, syrupy, dessert-like seasonal drinks. This is a sprinkle-free zone.

3. It's refreshing

It keeps you chilled even on the hottest summer day, and still tastes good when watered down. Who wants to eat a watered down pumpkin spice whatever? No one.

4. It's not too sweet

All you really need is a quick splash of milk to make this the beverage of your dreams.

5. It goes with everything

You can't pair a birthday cake-flavored coffee with pizza, but you could totally drink an iced coffee with pizza. Oh, snap.

6. You look like a grown ass woman while drinking it

Coffees that taste like Trix cereal (or anything similar) are for kids. You know who drinks iced coffee? Bad ass, grownup woman.

7. It may be basic, but drinking it doesn't make you basic

Sure, iced coffee isn't the flavor of the week. That's because it's a classic. It stands the test of time like Madonna. Yeah, it's the Madonna of coffee.

8. You can make it yourself easily

Go ahead; I double-dare you to make a DIY double-chunk swirl Mother's Day-themed Frappuccino like you're a regular Martha Starbucks. Add that to one of many Pinterest fails. But, I bet you'd make a stellar iced coffee. You know why? Because there are a total of two ingredients. It will be bomb.

9. It's way better for you than some of the other stuff on the menu

It's coffee and milk. You can't possibly think that a white chocolate mocha is skinnier than an iced latte.

10. You won't have to wait forever in line

It takes two seconds to order, unlike the specialty drinks that have a ton of options, and it's easy for the barista to make. This means no long lines waiting around the coffee shop staring at the stale baked goods.

11. When you order it, you know exactly what to expect

It's like hooking up with an ex-boyfriend, or going to a Chipotle out of state. No matter the place, you know it will be good every time.

When you order an iced latte, you win.

Images: Roland Tanglao/Flickr; Giphy (12)