Behati And Adam Are Fashion Relationship Goals

General opinion would state that power couple Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo couldn't possibly get any cuter, but come to find out, general opinion is wrong. Yesterday, the VS model posted a picture to Instagram debuting the duo's matching monogrammed golf bags to the public, taking their pop culture fairytale relationship to the next level. As if their constant social media posts bursting with admiration for one another or their coordinating Coachella bandanas or their without-a-doubt front row attendance at each other's shows or Levine's latest admission that he can't wait to be a dad (need I go on?) weren't already enough to make everyone green with relationship envy, they now have matching sports gear — #relationship goals.

Prior to this revelation, I couldn't even picture Levine on a golf course, with all those tattoos and a wardrobe of rotating white tees and ripped skinny jeans, but now that I know he has an "AB" monogrammed club tote, it all makes total sense. Also, I am sort of in love with the fact that they have their first names casually embroidered above the monogram, as though they are completely normal, average people without highly recognizable, multi-million-dollar last names. This new information also begs the very important question of whether or not Levine and Prinsloo have other monogrammed things? Do they sleep in matching initial clad pajamas? Are their pillow cases adorned with pretty, intertwined fonts? Will there be a future Instagram post in which the hottest couple on the planet is wearing his and her letter laden polos? O.M.G., the possibilities are mind blowing.

In this strange world we live in, it is quite possible that couples everywhere are out monogramming their coordinated belongings at this very moment, even though some say matching isn't fashionable — trends have been launched over much less. So, in case coordinating letters becomes a full blown movement, or Levine and Prinsloo need suggestions on what they should monogram next in their attempt to take over the world with their married couple cuteness, I've rounded up seven things perfect for the embroidery treatment.

1. Monogrammed Polos

Obviously, a monogrammed polo is the number one item of matching apparel that we all need. Also, it is the natural compliment to the golf bags that Levine and Prinsloo already own. Ugh, they could expand into an entire matching, monogrammed golf ensemble, which would be as disgustingly perfect as they are.

Custom Fit Big Monogram Polo, $103,

Skinny Stretch Polo Shirt, $95,

2. Monogrammed Zip Hoodies

Monogram life isn't all about sunshine and golf courses — sometimes matching letters are necessary in cold weather climates. It would just be considered wise to get yourself a layering piece, California or not.

Lightweight Zip Hoodie, $83,

Lightweight Hoodie, $80,

3. Monogrammed Sweatpants

Because, duh — you need monogrammed sweatpants if you have a monogrammed zip hoodie. Bonus: If you wear them together, you've got a matching, monogrammed sweatsedo. You match yourself, you match your significant other, and your initials match to boot. SO MUCH MATCHING. Score.

Slim Sweatpant, $80,

Weekend Skinny Pant, $80,

4. Monogrammed Converse

The official monogram choice of cool kids everywhere. It's like white chucks were meant for matching cursive embroidery.

Monogram Converse, $80,

5. Monogrammed Swim

Why limit your monogram game to dry land? Stitch those combined initials on your swim bottoms for the most coupled and preppiest of all beach day looks.

6" Swim Trunk, $75,

Side-tie Hipster, $40,

6. Monogrammed Pajamas

I mean, is there anything that sets the mood more than matching monograms? Giving your coordinating pajamas some letter-loving is true relationship commitment, a move I can totally see our favorite Hollywood couple making.

Classic Cotton Pajama Set, $100,

Bengal-Striped Pajama Set, $85,

7. Monogrammed Robes

Organic Spa Robe, $109,

Go ahead. Layer your monogram robe over your monogram pajamas and sit fireside next to your monogram clad lover. You know you want to. Also, if this is the next Levine/Prinsloo Instagram, my head may actually explode.

So many monograms, so little time. Stitch your heart out.

Images: Getty; Instagram/Behati Prinsloo; Courtesy Brands