Kendall Jenner Admits Her Life Isn't "Normal," But That Doesn't Mean She Isn't Relatable

What's one thing that comes to mind when you think of the Kardashians? For me it's that their lives are completely different from mine, aka they are not normal. Well, guess what? While chatting with GQ, Kendall Jenner admitted her life isn't "normal". That's right, the 19-year-old model realizes she's not living the life that most teens lead. Do you remember traveling the world at 19, modeling, walking runways, and being featured in magazines? Yeah, me neither.

Jenner said, "It's really weird. I understand that it's not normal. But it is normal." For her, this life is normal, because it's how she grew up and all that she knows. Ever since she and her sister Kylie Jenner were little girls, they've been appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and haven't known anything different. In fact, Jenner actually mentioned in the interview that she and her sister didn't really have a choice about being on TV, because they were so young and just did what their parents and older siblings told them to do.

With that said, you might not think Jenner is relatable or normal, but she is when it comes to hard work and building a career. Yes, her name and fame probably helped get her where is in her modeling career, but Jenner's also worked hard to make a name for herself and ensure she is living the life of a model — something she's always wanted. Actually, Jenner prefers that she doesn't get hired because of her celebrity status. She wants to do it on her own.

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"I didn't do it because I felt like I had to prove something," Jenner said. "This is a career that I've always wanted. And I mean, what else would I be doing? I probably would have gone to school to get the degree to go to work, when work was already there."

Some might still shake their heads and not believe they have anything in common with Jenner, especially when she just moved into her own Beverly Hills condo at the young age of 19. However, she did pay for it with her own money, so, at least she didn't bum the money off her mom and dad.

When it comes to the fame, being rich, dating celebrities, and living a luxurious life, yeah, Jenner is totally not part of the norm. However, it's hard to deny that she isn't a hard worker — something most of us can relate to and make part of our "normal" daily lives.

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