Is Laura Prepon Dating Anyone? She's Got A Different Take On Relationships Than Her Famous Characters

If you watch Orange Is the New Black, you know that a lot of the reason Alex Vause can pull off being the way she is, is because Laura Prepon, the 35-year old actress who plays her, just exudes coolness. But surprisingly, unlike Vause, Laura Prepon has all but sworn off dating. She plays characters who always have someone on their arm (hello, Donna Pinciotti and Eric Foreman), but Prepon herself has all but sworn off of dudes. Which is good for her, because she wants to work on her career, but it's a loss for everyone who has a crush on her.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan from June 2014, Prepon was like, "LOL boys," when asked about dating. Well, in more words than that... The actress was asked that age-old question of who are you dating, and she responded,

Girl, I have not gone on one date! Like, seriously. At all. When I'm working, it's next to impossible... I'm totally focusing on season three, and I'm totally fine — because guys occupy a lot of attention space in your mind.

There's no arguing with that, but it's kind of disappointing, because she's a catch. She previously dated actor Christopher Masterson (yes, the brother of her That '70s Show co-star Danny Masterson) for quite some time, but the two split in 2007. Fun fact: her relationship with Masterson, who played the oldest brother on Malcolm In The Middle, was apparently how she first got involved in Scientology. When the two split up, they had to sell their huge mansion. (Rich people problems!) But speaking of Scientology... Prepon was also linked to Scientology golden boy Tom Cruise, but it sounds like that was just a rumor.

Now that we know what's up with Prepon's dating life, how does it compare to that of her characters? Let's take a closer look.

Alex Vause

Vause and Chapman are INFURIATING with all their back and forth, I love you, I hate you crap, but they're inexplicably drawn to each other. Maybe because Piper is self-destructive in a narcissistic drama queen way, or maybe just because Vause is a hottie with a body. Either way, they are still pushing and pulling, and Vause is going to to make more appearances Season 3, so there's sure to be more of that.

And then there was that minute when Vause and Nicky were together, and this might be a controversial opinion, but they are definitely a better fit. Both funny and fun and way less dramatic than Piper.

Donna Pinciotti

Jackie and Kelso might have moved up in the ranks of favorite That '70s Show couples since Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got together IRL and satisfied our teen fantasies. But! There's no arguing that Donna Pinciotti and Eric Foreman were the thread that held the show together. Maybe because they had such a laughably dramatic relationship before either of them were 18 — making and breaking engagements, chasing each other cross-country to declare their undying love, etc. Donna and Eric got together in the very first season, and were the true love that persisted throughout almost the entire series.

Controversial opinion: Even though I love Eric and Donna and choose to believe from the That '70s Show's vague-finale that they end up together forever, I LOVED when Donna dated a Kelso in Season 4. Luke Wilson was cool, man. He had swagger, and truly did make Eric look a little shrimpy.

But he was not the one for Donna, even though he makes me swoon. Anyway, Randy's become one of the most hated replacement sitcom characters... ever. But hey, Randy, you did your job and made it all the better when Eric came back for New Year's, he and Donna kissed, and then, I assume, stayed together forever and ever. (P.S. It's very much a pleasure to know that Prepon and Topher Grace are still pals).

In terms of healthy relationships, it seems like Donna probably takes the prize, although Laura Prepon herself seems to have a good head on her shoulders with her no-boys attitude. Sometimes, they really are a distraction. Alex Vause could probably take a page from Prepon and Pinciotti's books, because she's not so great in the thinking ahead about the consequences department. But hey, we all live, love, and learn, and at least Vause is having fun!

As for Prepon, it seems like for the foreseeable future her only steady is going to be Orange Is The New Black.

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