'Orphan Black' Season 3 Spoilers Hint At Big, Huge, Gigantic Trouble For Sarah & The Other Clones

The Clone Club has had to wait entirely too long for new episodes of Orphan Black, but fear not: Season 3 of Orphan Black premieres Saturday, April 18, which means that all of those months of patience have finally paid off. Congrats! It's been a tough road for us all, but we're so close to being back in action with Cosima, Allison, Rachel, and, of course, Sarah. When we last left the clone sisters, they were at a crossroads: Do they protect the lives they have and be at the mercy of the scientific community, or do they fight for freedom from their "makers?" And what will the reveal that there are male clones trained to be "super soldiers" mean for Sarah and her sisters? The answers are coming in Season 3, but that doesn't mean we have to wait that long for hints at what might be next for our beloved characters. These Orphan Black spoilers hint at trouble ahead, and it's just the thing we need to hold us over for the third season.

So what can these hints tell us about where Orphan Black is going? A lot, come to think of it...

Cosima Will Get A New Love Interest

Things might not be smooth sailing for DYAD scientist Delphine and Cosima, whom have already had a rocky relationship over the past two seasons (along with plenty of adorable moments). According to these spoilers from the Orphan Black TCA panel as reported by AfterEllen, Cosima will meet a new love interest within the first few episodes of Season 3, but could a new love break up Cosima and Delphine for good?

Mark Will Be Searching For A Family

Like Helena before him, Mark is also searching for someone to connect with. According to actor Ari Millen's interview with TVLine, male clone Mark will be "on the lam" with Gracie, whom he married in Season 2, and is looking to create a real family of his very own. Could he find one with Sarah and her clone sisters, or will he and his brothers unite to create their very own clone brotherhood?

Allison's Ex Is Coming Into Town

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And he's played by Justin Chatwin of Shameless, per a report from TV Guide. Seems like Donnie will have some competition... and we'll all have some new eye candy.

Felix Will Take A More Active Role

According to actor Jordan Gavaris in a TVLine interview, Felix will be "more independent" this season and will start being a more active participant in the clone battle. That's oddly refreshing, considering all too often Felix is relegated to doing Sarah and the other clone's sleuthing.

Cosima Will Face An Internal Crisis

According to executive producer John Fawcett's interview during the Television Critics Association press junket, Cosima will not take her near-death experience lightly. Fawcett states: "It puts this character, who is so entrenched in the science, in this place where she’s now looking for answers beyond science." Is that a hint that the hyper-logical Cosima will find God in Season 3? Like with everything else, we'll just have to wait and watch.

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