How Many Octaves Can Taylor Swift Sing? She Doesn't Hit The High Notes Often, But When She Does, It's Worth It — VIDEOS

As a longtime diehard Taylor Swift fan, I find myself defending my imaginary superstar BFF quite often. Remember that phase the world was in a year or two ago where it was cool to hate Taylor Swift? That was rough. And right after the sexist jokes about her "relationship history," most people would say, "Why do you like her when she can't sing?" I might not be musically inclined myself, but I have ears, and Swift most certainly can sing. And in case you're ever faced with someone threatening our precious Swift, you should be armed with the facts. For instance, how many octaves can Taylor Swift sing?

Since, like I said, I am not a music expert, I have to turn to the people who are to answer that question. Fortunately, Concert Hotels has put together a chart of several popular artists' ranges, Swift included, and it's simple enough that even I can understand it. According to the chart, Swift's range bottoms out at E#3 in "Begin Again" and is at its highest at F#5 in "You Belong With Me." I do have to wonder if this has been updated with the songs from 1989, but assuming it has, this means that Swift can hit three of the eight octaves.

Of course, this doesn't compare to Mariah Carey's seriously impressive range of five octaves, but even so, Swift's talent is nothing to turn your nose up at. Alicia Keys' highest note is the same as Swift's, and Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Adele all sing in similar ranges.

So the next time someone tries to say Swift can't sing, you are now armed with this information. And for good measure, here are a few examples of times where she's knocked this whole singing thing out of the park.

This Cover Of Vance Joy's "Riptide"

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube

This is my favorite cover Swift has ever done, and she has done a lot. She sounds amazing and totally gives brand new life to a song that plays, like, every ten minutes on the radio right now. I could listen to this cover for the rest of my life and be completely satisfied.

This Live Performance Of "All Too Well"

Not only does this performance show off Swift's range, but it's also proof of her emotional connection to her music. Of course, "All Too Well" is already the saddest song ever, but if you're not crying by the end of this performance, you probably have no soul.

And This Compilation Video

Myro Swift on YouTube

Some of Swift's best live performance moments, all wrapped up in a neat bow for you to serve up to any Swift naysayers you may encounter in your daily life. Together, we can eradicate Swift haters, one YouTube video at a time.