This Bang Bus Prank Tricks A Stoned College Guy Into Thinking He's About To Have A Threesome — VIDEO

Comedian Steve Green pranked a college guy into thinking he was about to have a threesome and it's reminding me of everything that is blurry and awkward about college. For starters, let's all take a moment to appreciate that weed is pretty incredible. It has the power to make good stuff even better (like sex or nachos) but it also has the power to make good (or even just "normal") stuff scary. Have you ever done your grocery shopping stoned? Haha...yeah...uh, me neither. Anyway, imagine getting approached for a promising-sounding threesome while wandering your college campus totally baked. (To be honest, the idea makes me feel immediately panicked, but maybe this is why my college years were relatively vanilla.) That's exactly what happened to this co-ed when he thought he was getting the chance to do sex with two pretty ladies at the same time, on camera, in a van.

When the video starters, prankster Greene is accompanied by two gorgeous ladies when first approaching the college bro, Jay. So it is no wonder Jay basically drools (although this is an educated assumption, as Jay's face is fuzzed out for his own privacy slash shame-dodging) while signing legal papers and trailing the three back to the Bang Bus. Jay sits sandwiched between the two lady-babes while Greene goes through a few preliminary questions, including turn-on tactics (to which Jay responds exactly how you may imagine a stoned co-ed who easily agrees to be filmed boning strangers would respond). OK, first of all, it's called THE BANG BUS. Jay, you're supposed to be headed to law school or at least that's your claim early on in the video. Be smarter than this, bud—we know you're high, but dude.


Haha, Jay. I kinda have a soft spot for Jay, despite the fact that he is clearly terrible. His poor little soaring-through-outerspace brain is somehow still endearing. The most choice Jay moments are as follows:

His team player moment


Listen, Jay is just trying to keep everyone calm and happy. Not trying to start anything. That Jay is a peacemaker, no question.

His job description moment


Greene asks about how he makes a living and Jay's answer? "Nothing. I'm just a college kid." That honest Jay is gonna make helluva lawyer.

His seduction secret moment


Jay: hero for us all.

His graceful exit moment


I'd like to speak with patrons of the area's local Taco Bell from around that time and see how Jay really felt about the whole encounter. Maybe then we could split some quesaritas. I mean, why not? The man clearly gets romance.

Here's the full video of his co-ed shenanigans below:

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