Kidd Cole On 'Catfish' Was The Most Unforgettable Trickster Ever & Here Are 5 Reasons...

When I first got into Catfish I was shocked each episode with the amount of deceit that came out at the end. Eventually, as the second season went on, I learned to accept the fact that the Catfish-er was probably not who they said they were online. By the third season, the show spiced things up by finding catfish who weren't necessarily in a romantic relationship with their person who reached out to MTV. This twist is how we met the most unforgettable Catfish participant ever, Kidd Cole, and the girl he catfished, Lucille.

Kidd Cole was one of those episodes that you just can't forget, because Kidd Cole's deception will forever go down in history as one of the best episodes of Catfish ever. Let me set the stage. Lucille, a young woman who dreams of making it in the music industry, meets Kidd Cole online. Kidd Cole seems to be a legit music industry personality, at least that's what his online footprint made it seem like. Because Lucille was so eager to get involved in the industry, she started working for Kidd Cole, but never saw any payment or promotion in return. Enter Nev and Max, who got down to the bottom of one of the sneakiest Catfish people of all time.

He Said He Worked For Kanye's Label

Look, Ye has enough things to juggle and getting involved with a Catfish is not one of them. Kidd Cole told Lucille that he worked with hip-hop legends, like Kanye West's label GOOD, and if she proved she could work for Kidd Cole, he'd offer her a job.

He Made Lucille Spend A TON Of Money

While I think it's shady that people on Catfish manipulate others enough to lead the innocent to fall in love, I think what Kidd Cole did is even more screwed up. Kidd Cole asked Lucille — who was willing to do anything to make it in the industry — to shell out a ton of money in order to allow him to live a lavish life. And boy NEVER PAID HER BACK. Not. Cool.

He Recruited A Friend To Trick MTV

Usually, when Nev and Max reach out to the catfish-er, the person accepts defeat and rolls up to the meeting place — usually a random park — to face reality. Kidd Cole didn't play by those rules. He tried to trick Nev & Co. into thinking he still was who he said he was. What did this include? Borrowing a person's recording studio, recruiting a random friend to "play" a music industry producer, and even tried to record a track with Nev. Unfortunately, Kidd Cole and friend didn't have the slightest idea how to use the equipment, which exposed them as posers.

He Was A Notorious Scam Artist

This wasn't the first time Kidd Cole played these twisted games with people. He also used Loretta Brown, a limo driver, for $8,000 of service. Brown realized what type of person Kidd was, so she started a Facebook page following all of his dishonest exploits. The page is no longer active, but it was definitely a first for any Catfish participant.

Nev Threw Kidd Cole's Phone In The Lake

Andrew Busarow on YouTube

This is one of Nev's best moves on the series yet. When the Catfish production crew met with Kidd Cole, Kidd Cole only seemed interested in messing with his phone. To get Kidd Cole to fess up to his scamming — and to get him to pay attention to the situation at hand — Nev pretended to be interested in Kidd's phone case, and then just tossed the phone into a nearby lake. Because, really, this guy deserved it.

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