A Real Life Mario Kart Race Track Exists, Kind Of, OK Not Really, But This High-Speed Downhill Luge Still Looks Amazing And Scary — VIDEO

YouTube adventure dude Devin Graham just keeps on keeping on. Although many would retire satisfied from a life of elaborate videos involving young tan people after this giant inflatable ball rolling people over, aka, a rad ode to Temple Of Doom , Graham apparently won't quit. Most recently, Graham took his videography skills and attractive friends to a Nintendo Narnia. Specifically, he designed and activated a high-speed luge that looks like a Mario Kart racing track for people. Except instead of Bowser's Piranha Prowler or Princess Peach's, um...pink cart thing, Graham equips his motley crew with what looks like longboards with restaurant-style booster seats and handles. Basically, it's an extra exciting version of street luging. All of this exists in New Zealand, because where else is that cool?

Mario Kart itself is a pretty intense game (to me, at least). The last time I attempted to play it was in a failed effort to appear cool and relaxed on a surprise date at some dude's house. I don't think I accomplished either; My Bowser character kept getting trapped against cement blockades and I'd involuntarily scream each time this happened. Anyway. To be real, Graham's video is a lot cooler when you forget about the part where this is supposed to be like Mario Kart racing at all. There are no turtles thrown (clearly, that would be cruel) or tutus (also dangerous), just a bunch of giggling young people whizzing down a spiral or asphalt. But skepticism aside, you gotta love the saturated tones and legendary feel of this opening shot:


Kinda sexy, right? I guess considering that, it's OK they opted out of the tutu uniform. See the whole video below:

devinsupertramp on YouTube

At least this video appears to have inspired fewer injuries that the Indiana Jones one. You know, I'm starting to finally understand Graham's vision for his work. As such, I have some unsolicited suggestions for future video themes:

Cool Runnings

I'm no geography expert, so I don't know how much ice exists in New Zealand. But judging from all the cameras they smash while hunting for perfect shots, these kids seem to have a lot of disposable income (either that or a partnership with GoPro). They should 'copter out to somewhere chilly and get their bobsled team on.

The Mighty Ducks 2

Wender Kenny on YouTube

Ehh, I guess this one is still icy. Let me try again...

She's All That

Miramax on YouTube

The beach scene, in particular. New Zealand has beaches! Right?! Right...? OK, maybe I don't actually understand after all.

Images: devinsupertramp/Instagram; devinsupertramp/YouTube; Giphy