ESPN Reporter Suspended After Video Surfaces

A video that just sprang up on Live Leak shows security footage of ESPN reporter Britt McHenry belittling a female employee at a tow lot. ESPN has since confirmed that the woman in it is, in fact, McHenry, who has been suspended from her job for one week, effective immediately. On April 6, McHenry tweeted about having her car towed in Arlington, VA, writing, “Just got towed after eating dinner at an establishment in Arlington. How corrupt is Advanced Towing?” The tweet has since been deleted, but it can still be found in an ARLnow article about towing practices.

The video shows a blonde woman, presumably McHenry, repeatedly insulting an employee as she pays to get her car back. At one point, mid-rant, the worker points out that there is a camera filming the scene, but McHenry continues to criticize her, focusing particularly on what she assumes to be the worker’s lack of education, her weight, and even her teeth. Faith-in-humanity-ruining gems from the tantrum include:

“I’m in the news sweetheart, I will f*cking sue this place.”

“Yep, that’s all you care about is just taking people’s money. With no education, no skill set, just wanted to clarify that.”

“Maybe if I was missing some teeth, they would hire me, huh?

“I’m on television and you’re in a f*cking trailer, honey.”

“Lose some weight, baby girl.”

This afternoon, an ESPN spokesman confirmed McHenry's suspension in a statement to Bustle:

Britt McHenry has been suspended for one week effectively immediately.

McHenry apologized via Twitter, saying she let her emotions get the best of her during a stressful situation.

Look, many of us know from experience that having your car towed is a huge—and usually very expensive—pain in the ass. But berating an employee for simply doing her job? Not OK. And playing the, “Hey, I'm on TV!” card? Ick. If only this was a Funny Or Die prank.

Images: LiveLeak(4)