Senator Pat Roberts And His "Let It Go" Ringtone

The movie Frozen's appeal has extended past 10-year-old girls and Disney enthusiast all the way up to 78-year-old senators. Senator Pat Roberts' "Let It Go" ringtone went off in the middle of a Senate meeting on Thursday, making people everywhere suddenly interested in the Senate and probably boosting the senator's approval ratings. Someone needs to show the Republican politician from Kansas how to silence his phone during important meetings, as it interrupted Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in the middle of a Senate Finance Committee hearing.

When the Disney song went off, Roberts muttered, "Ah, come one," and as he silenced it, said, "Just let it go, mister. Sorry about that." Other politicians in the room couldn't hold back the giggles and even Roberts appeared to chuckle a little. Roberts' communications director, Sarah Little, told MSNBC that the senator's grandkids inspired the ringtone choice. Little said: "He balances it with Johnny Cash's 'I Walk the Line.' He changes depending on the day."

Roberts' five grandchildren probably introduced him to the movie Frozen, but he can't deny his love of the song. I mean, people don't choose songs they hate as their ringtone, but mentioning that he also likes "Walk the Line" helped restore his bruised masculinity a bit.

His phone went off as he was questioning Vilsack during a hearing on U.S. trade policy. Luckily it wasn't anything worse, like war or starvation. Roberts played off the inevitable embarrassment by joking about his own mishap. After the meeting, he tweeted: "Somebody had to tell the Obama Administration to 'Let it go.'"

The jab at President Obama kind of goes against the "Let It Go" mantra, though, considering Roberts obviously hasn't let his disapproval of Obama go. Elsa could come in handy in Washington, helping the Democrats and Republicans forget petty partisan feuds by belting out "Let It Go" every time a fight ensued.

Even though Roberts' phone going off was disruptive, no one can be opposed to hearing "Let It Go" at any time. Saying the song has a huge fanbase is an understatement — it won an Oscar for the Best Original Song and Frozen was the top-grossing animated movie of all time. It's even loved oversees, ranking at the top Disney film in 27 countries. Who knows what other prominent politicians and leaders across the world secretly have the Disney princess' voice as their ringtone? I'd venture to bet Roberts isn't the only one.

Image: Giphy