Happy 4/20! 20 Recipes To Optimize Your Munchies Menu (Whether Or Not You Partake In The Day's Festivities)

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As more states embrace marijuana, 4/20 celebrations become a little more legit. Although that arguably takes away a little of the rebellious intrigue the "holiday" spurred during our school days, it does mean we can talk about it on a more public scale and share celebratory ideas — like crazy amazing 4/20 recipes to try when you're... um... extra hungry for some snacks.

Whether you partake (assuming you live in a state where you're technically allowed to) or not, I'm all about a day that calls for above average edibles. To be honest, I'll take any excuse to concoct decadent desserts and no-holds-barred munchies. A culinary trail-blazer if you will. No, too far?

The only peer pressure here is about getting you in the kitchen to whip up some A+ snacks. And on that note, in the immortal words of Tai from Clueless, let's spark it. The stove, duh.

Image: Averie Cooks

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