These Shoes Grow Five Sizes In Five Years As A Brilliant Way To Help Impoverished Children Around The World — PHOTOS

When Kenton Lee was visiting Nairobi, Kenya, in 2007, he was struck by the sight of a little girl wearing shoes that were too small for her feet. She wasn’t alone in her plight: Millions of children all over the world struggle with having shoes that don’t fit or no shoes at all. His experience in Kenya led Lee to come up with a practical solution to the problem that is so simple it’s genius: The Shoe That Grows. These sandals have adjustable straps that allow them to “grow” as their owners do. Made of leather, compressed rubber, and metal snaps, the shoes can expand by five sizes and last for five years.

Living without shoes is a major problem for people all over the world. Without protection for their feet, these people are susceptible to diseases and parasites that are transmitted through the soil. Providing shoes for impoverished children is particularly tricky because their feet change sizes so quickly. As The Shoe That Grows website explains,

There are over 300 million children who do not have shoes. And countless more with shoes that do not fit. Sometimes they receive donations of shoes, but these are kids. Their feet grow. And they outgrow donated shoes within a year. Right back where they started.

With Lee’s adjustable shoes, kids gain shoes that will stay with them as they grow. Shoes are available for purchase on the organization’s website in general sizes of “Small” (Kindergarten to 4th Grade) and “Large” (5th Grade to 9th Grade). You can also donate money to pay for shoes to fill up a duffle. Each duffle contains 50 pairs of shoes that will be shipped out to organizations providing shoes for children in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. If that doesn't make your heart grow five sizes (just like the shoes), then I don't know what will.

Find out how to help at The Shoe That Grows website.


Check out this video to see the shoes in action:

Images: Getty Images; The Shoe That Grows/Facebook (2)