How Did Hillary Scott & Chris Tyrrell Meet? The Lady Antebellum Members Have The Country-est Love Story Ever

Even if you're not a fan of country music, I'm sure you still know who Lady Antebellum is. The Nashville band has gotten huge in the past few years, even though they've been around since 2006. The band's star power is frontwoman Hillary Scott, who you might not know is married to her bandmate Chris Tyrrell, who will likely be by her side at the 50th Academy Of Country Music Awards this Sunday. But, you might be wondering how Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell met in the first place.

While Tyrell isn't one of the group's three main members — filling out the trio with Scott, there's guitarists/vocalists Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood — he plays drums for the band. He and Scott two got married in secret because they literally just couldn't wait. I'm not bitter about that kind of love at all...

Scott, 29, met Chris Tyrrell, 28, in 2010 when they were both touring with Tim McGraw (the country-est love story of all time). Tyrrell was in a different band then, Love And Theft, and joined Lady Antebellum as their drummer in 2011. He proposed to Scott in 2011, on a dock, by a lake, at sunset. Again... these two are really nailing all those dreamy, adorable cliches here. In fact, she literally said that it was what she had always dreamed.

But that really pales in comparison to Scott and Tyrrell's wedding. They decided to get married in secret, and it was such a last-minute decision to do so, that even some of their Lady Antebellum bandmates couldn't be there. They had a small ceremony in upstate New York in January 2012, and posted a sweet video on their website for their fans to let them know the happy news (even though I am sure it broke a lot of fans' hearts that both of them had become suddenly unavailable).

It's good that they are completely head over heels for each other, because can you imagine being married to someone AND being in a tour bus with them for the majority of your time? But Scott and Tyrrell make it work, and expanded their family when their daughter Eisele was born in 2013.

Hopefully, Eisele will be with the band at the awards this Sunday!