Will Dany's Dragons Come Out Of The Dungeon? You Betcha They Won't Stay That Way Forever

The Mother of Dragons can't very well be the Mother of Dragons without her dragons, right? During Game of Throne s Season 5 episode, "The Wars to Come" Daario even mentions to Daenerys that, "A dragon queen with no dragons, that's not a queen," which — OK, ouch, Daario — isn't very nice. But it's true. Her babies have been kinda MIA for a while, and we've got to wonder what's going to happen to Dany's dragons. Remember, too, that these dragons are mad. They've got every right to be. Wouldn't you be made if you were locked up in the dragon pit of the Great Pyramid?

Dany has three dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. She's had them since they were eggs, and they're growing up very fast. Season 4 really showed us these dragons become real dragons — they fly, they breathe fire, they kill sheep. They can't be tamed. Which is why they're locked up.

Season 4 sees Drogon kill a small child. Dany, fearing that this could happen again and to appease the people of Meereen who are now fearful of them, makes the decision to lock her dragons up. She manages to corner all of them but Drogon, who has gone on the lam following his killing. At the start of Season 5, Dany tells Daario that she hasn't seen him for weeks and he could be anywhere, and by now he could have killed anything.

As for her other dragons, Rhaegal and Viserion, they're chained, locked in the dungeon, and PO'ed. Dany tries to visit them last episode, and it fails horribly. The dragons last out at her, and spit fire her way. She gets the heck out of there, ASAP. Dany wants to visit her dragons, but now she's learned she can't pop in for playtime.

In the books, there's a major character who comes into play with these dragons, but so far it doesn't look like he's going to show up in GoT Season 5. The character has not been cast, and even though parts of his storyline will come up, Quentyn Martell appears to be MIA. In the books, Quentyn arrives in Meereen as a teenager and — seriously glazing over so many tiny little details — offers to marry Dany. She rejects him. Quentin then gets the idea in his head that he can tame one of Dany's dragons to impress her/take back to his home of Dorne (we will see Dorne this season).

However, trying to capture a dragon is never a good idea. No one can handle these dragons, and when he goes down into the pit, Rhaegal breaths fire all over him. He's so severely burned, he dies a few days later.

In the chaos of Quentyn being attacked, the door to the dragon pit is left open and Rhaegal and Viserion escape. And maybe if George R. R. Martin would write a little bit faster, we'd find out exactly what happens to them.

Just kidding! But seriously we don't know what happens to them yet. They escape, and they live freely making new lairs elsewhere. They're now on the lam just like Drogon. Though we won't see Quentyn, we'll still more than likely get some story that involves the pit's door being left open, and Rhaegal and Viserion escape. Come Season 6, these dragons need to be free. It really won't be so far fetched for Drogon to be the ones to set the others free.

And speaking of Drogon, there's a high chance that we'll see him in action this season, since his storyline has nothing to do with Quentyn. "The Wars to Come" has already made mention to what brings him back to Meereen, and now we'll just wait and see when he turns up. Hey, the GoT Season 5 poster has a shadow of a dragon on it, and Drogon is called "the winged shadow" after all.

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