7 Best 'Batman V. Superman' Trailer Moments

by Kadeen Griffiths

We probably should have all seen this coming, especially when it comes to a movie that is getting as much hype and discussion as Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Saying the word "Batfleck" alone is enough to spark about an hour's worth of discussion on the Internet, and the knowledge that we are less than a week away from the premiere of the trailer for the 2016 movie has many fans dying of anticipation. Naturally, the trailer for Batman V. Superman leaked on the Internet Thursday night and has been making the rounds ever since, because asking fans to wait for nice things is like asking a child to wait for their presents until Christmas morning. Someone's going to sneak out of bed and start giving all the boxes a shake to see if they can guess what it contains.

While the trailer was quickly removed from YouTube, nearly everyone has seen it by now and nearly everyone is foaming at the mouth with excitement for the film just from a few blurry, dimly-lit shots. However, those dimly-lit shots were more than enough to give us a perfect tease of what the film would be about, and more than enough to make me even more excited to get to see all of this in high resolution and full color.

So while we continue our torturous wait until the Monday premiere of the trailer, and the even more torturous wait until the movie actually premieres, here are seven teaser shots from the trailer that will make you even more excited to see the whole thing.

1. Glowy-Eyed Batman

I don't know whether I'm scared, intrigued, or bewildered by this shot, but I just have so many questions. Enough questions that my foot has started tapping impatiently while I wait for the movie to answer them. Can we also take a moment to giggle at the fact that the Batsuit covers Affleck's distinctive chin? Smart choice.

2. The Explosions

So many things blow up in this trailer. So many things. It's like watching a Michael Bay movie crossed with, oh, every other superhero movie ever. Let's face it. It's just a fact that wherever a superhero goes, property destruction is sure to follow.

3. This Superman Statue

Of all the amazing shots in the trailer, this is the one that sticks with me the most. Emblazoning "False Gods" in blood red across the chest of a silver Superman statue? Niiice.

4. He Is Vengeance, He Is The Night

As a teenager, Batman was not merely content to brood in his room like a normal person. No, his habit of brooding atop skyscrapers overlooking a city steeped in corruption and fear has got to have been going on for a long time for him to be this good at it.

5. Superman Looking Like A Harrassed Celebrity

No, he does not want to give you an autograph, random citizen. Curse the days of iPhones and everyone having their own pens!

6. The Batsuit Itself

So good. So cool. So well-worn.

7. Superman Showing Off

Okay, so he's probably saving the day. But a shot this iconic has just a hint of showmanship in it, and no one will tell me any differently. The full trailer will make its way into our lives on Monday, and I honestly can't wait to see it. From these shots alone, you can tell it's going to be a doozy.

Image: Warner Bros (8)