Jennifer Lopez To Perform Selena Musical Tribute At The Billboard Latin Music Awards, But What Can We Expect?

Remember the film that catapulted Jennifer Lopez to superstardom? If your answer wasn't Selena, then you clearly aren't up to date on your J. Lo trivia. That's why it's so fitting that Jennifer Lopez will give Selena a musical tribute at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, something she announced on Thursday a.k.a what would have been Selena's 44th birthday had the legendary icon not been murdered at the age of 23. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Billboard Latin Music Awards are set to air on Telemundo on April 30, but there are no clues to be found about exactly what kind of musical tribute Lopez plans to give.

Although Lopez did not sing the songs used for the Selena film — instead lip synching to recordings of Selena herself singing — I don't think there's a person out there who denies that she's a talented singer and performer in her own right. Comparable to Selena? That's debatable. Amazing enough to put on a decent rendition of Selena's most popular songs? Absolutely. Of course, that's just the most basic form that her musical tribute to Selena could take at the BLMAs. Lopez is a woman who knows how to put on a good show, so it's likely that she won't stop there.

Here are some other forms that the musical tribute could take.

1. An Actual Musical


I'm talking sparkling costumes, a fully-staffed chorus, and perhaps even a top hat or two. All right, so a top hat wouldn't exactly go with the entire Selena aesthetic, but I want a showstopping musical number that brings fans to tears for more reasons than one.

2. Recreating A Film Scene


Imagine the double dose of nostalgia that would come with J. Lo combining her acting and singing talents in order to recreate the best or most heartwarming moments from the 1997 film. Even better, I hope that it's a medley of scenes so that no one's favorite moment from the movie goes unappreciated.

3. A Sing-Along

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Why should J. Lo be the only one singing? She's no Selena and she knows that, which is all the more reason for her to invite the fans, who love and appreciate all that Selena is just as much as J. Lo does, to sing Selena's greatest hits along with her. I'm not saying she has to try and fit the whole audience on the stage, but everyone should totally get a mic.

4. A Star-Studded Event


The Billboard Latin Music Awards is already going to be a star-studded event, but how cool would it be if all of the singers and performers at the ceremony joined J. Lo on stage for her final number in the tribute? It would be the perfect ending to what is going to be an amazing night, for J. Lo fans, for Selena fans, and for fans of Latin Music.

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