Kris Jenner's Vegas Birthday Party Brings 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Drama & Here's Everything We Know

Here is the worst thing about getting older: The more birthdays you have, the more people annoy you about your choice of party. For example, when I turn 26 this year, my friends will probably be much more specific about what kind of venue they think best suits my party than they would have when I was a kid. As for Kris Jenner? She learned that when she turned 59 last November, people weren't into the idea of having a birthday party at a club in Las Vegas, which is totally unfair. On this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris Jenner's Vegas birthday party happens, and from the looks of the preview clips that have already been released, eventually, even Kris wasn't that interested in going.

At first, it seems normal that a member of the famous fam would celebrate in Vegas — the rest of them do it, right? Khloe's last birthday was a huge affair, after all, with one of the biggest birthday cakes I've ever seen. But for some reason when you send Kris, the matriarch, to Vegas, it becomes a whole different situation. In fact, Kris didn't even post anything on Instagram from her party aside from the invitation, which is strange cn Kris Instagrams literally everything, much like her children.

Despite that huge obstacle, here's what we know about the party.

Nobody Liked The Idea Of It

As evidenced in the above clip, poor Kris received exactly zero enthusiasm when she announced her party to Kourtney, Kylie, and longtime family friend Jonathan Cheban. At first, she was met with stunned silence, and then everyone, in their own way, told her they thought it would be inappropriate. Apparently, Scott Disick got her some sort of family deal that was too good to refuse, and that set this whole thing into motion. Even if the party wasn't Kris' idea, this lack of support had to be a bummer.

Corey Gamble Was There

Maybe Kris' kids weren't supportive, but reported boyfriend Corey Gamble wouldn't miss her birthday! The bad news? According to Hollywood Life, he was pretty awkward while he was there and the KUWTK cameras were rolling. Here's what a source at the party told the website.

Kris’ boyfriend was at her party, but he looked like a bodyguard. They would awkwardly talk and touch when the cameras were on, but separated when the cameras went off them. He never interacted with her when cameras weren’t active.

Hmm. We'll have to see what really happened when the episode airs.

She Tried To Back Out

Unfortunately, the event was already being promoted by the time Kris decided she didn't want to do it, and in the above clip, Scott was pretty upset that Kris might put him in the position of looking stupid in front of a club he works with all the time. I don't blame him, but I don't blame Kris, either.

Here's hoping her party turns out OK on KUWTK. Kris deserves a celebration!