A Red Hot Ball Of Nickel Dropped On A Jawbreaker Makes It Explode And Generally Become A Hot Mess — VIDEO

I always tend to mentally associate jawbreakers as the candy of choice of gross little children, the ones prone to slurp on the sugary mass until their little faces are slicked with milky-looking crust that plays as evidence to their slobbery truths. Well, either that or the cult classic teen horror film Jawbreaker. But now that a pyromaniac on YouTube has melted a jawbreaker with red hot ball of nickel, there is a new, third connotation in my head for this bizarre sweet, and it is decidedly more amazing than any ideas of this candy I've had before.

I distinctly recall the last time I was allowed microwave privileges in elementary school. It involved a bunch of marshmallows, a shallow plastic cup, and a fork. You can imagine what happened, and if you can't, I'll tell you now: It all sort of shot up in sparks and resulted in a huge, melted mess (and a lot of yelling from my mom). Well, it appears YouTube user carsandwater is the pilot of their own destiny with this one when they drop a red hot ball of nickel repeatedly on top of an enormous jawbreaker. The barfy pool that melts beneath the sphere is enough to secure my anti-jawbreaker stance for all future candy shop visits. What's in there exactly?

Here's what it looks like right off the bat:


And here's how it ended up:


That looks like some Nickelodeon slime that's gone without refrigeration for too long. Or Nickelodeon slime mixed with human bile. Or simply something people should never voluntarily insert into their mouths. Check out the whole melt-a-thon in action:

carsandwater on YouTube

Not shockingly, when these candies are used in their intended way (sitting in human mouths for extended periods of time), jawbreakers can erode teeth significantly. Of course, the amount of erosion differs between varieties, with the sour and jumbo balls wreaking the most havoc, and the spicy cinnamon ones doing the least damage. Honestly, I don't really see the point of jawbreakers even existing for candy/enjoyment purposes. They kinda taste like sugary chalk or an especially sweet variety of Tums. Now, Warheads I understand. At least with Warheads, there's a swift kick and a bit of a challenge to even keep the dang thing in your mouth. It also expedites your saliva production, so holding your lips shut isn't the easiest venture. See what I mean when this 3-year-old tries his first super sour Warhead:

ElDiPablo on YouTube

I live for that little victory dance. As you may or may not remember from a '90s childhood, the intense sour taste in Warheads dissipates after a pretty brief tongue explosion, then it just tastes sweet and fairly nonchalant. Wonder how these would fare in the red hot nickel ball challenge...

Images: YouTube(3)