Is One Direction The Second Coming Of *NSYNC? Harry Styles Is Definitely The Justin Timberlake Of The Group

During the age of boy bands, *NSYNC was one of the best selling musical acts of the '90s. With hits like "Bye, Bye, Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me," teenagers around the world went crazy for their dance moves and heart melting vocals. Fast forward to today and it seems like not much has changed. As boy bands are starting to make a comeback, one of the biggest selling musical acts of this era is none other than the British pop group, One Direction. After singing on the UK's The X Factor, the boys decided to form a band, and young hearts haven't been the same. But, it leads to the question — is One Direction the second coming of *NSYNC?

Not matter how successful each group was or is today, that doesn't stop fans from having a favorite member. I personally was more team Backstreet Boy during the '90s, but I did show some favoritism towards Lance when it came to a favorite *NSYNC member. Both groups have their own trademark, but each member in the group has their own persona — lead singer, underrated, player. So in that sense, when you think about it, *NSYNC and One Direction aren't that different: Sure there's a few years between the two, but they both follow a similar pattern as far as boy bands go. Here's proof:

Justin Timberlake — Harry Styles

When it came to *NSYNC, Justin was clearly the most popular among the group (what with his infamous hair and rumored girlfriends). Harry seems to fill those shoes pretty nicely, following right in JT's footsteps.

Lance Bass — Niall Horan

I personally always thought Lance got the short end of the stick when it came to the most popular among the group. Just the same I feel like Niall sometimes gets overshadowed by Harry's popularity. Plus, both boys know how to rock frosted tips!

JC Chasez — Louis Tomlinson

I feel like these two just look alike. They were also super close friends with the lead singers of their groups — JC with Justin and Louis with Harry.

Chris Kirkpatrick — Zayn Malik

It's been said time and time again that Chris was the most underrated member of *NSYNC. and I kinda agree. People just didn't understand him, much like Zayn. And, obviously, they're both super talented.

Joey Fatone — Liam Payne

Even though Joey didn't get the most solos in the group, he went on to have a very diverse career (including acting, dancing and hosting). Just the same, Liam already has been songwriting for the group as well as some producing.

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