Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction May Have Been For The Best According To Simon Cowell & This Might Bring Some Closure To Fans

If hearing about Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction was hard on fans, imagine how difficult it was for the man who brought the band together in the first place, Simon Cowell. Not only did the executive create the group during their run on The X Factor, but he signed them to his label, produced their documentary, and has acted as manager since their very beginning. So it's no surprise that when Malik first realized he wanted to leave the band, it was a distraught Cowell who tried to convince the One Direction star to stay.

"I kinda knew this was coming," Cowell revealed while on The Late Late Show with James Corden Thursday night. "We'd had a few conversations. He wasn't happy."

Cowell went on to explain that he tried to persuade Malik to stay with the band for at least a little while longer, but soon realized that the singer's decision wasn't going to change.

"Something in him said, 'No, I've had enough," Cowell said.

Once he came to terms with Malik's choice, Cowell's next step was to deal with the singer's "shocked" bandmates, who he commended for being "incredible" despite the sudden loss of their friend. He praised their commitment to the band, and hyped up their upcoming fifth album, which he predicts will be "the best record they've ever made."


It's certainly great news that Cowell has such confidence in the band's ability to move past the shake-up, and that Malik's absence, while certainly disappointing, won't put a stop to One Direction. Yet what's most interesting about Cowell's comments is the light they shine on Malik's decision to quit; if the singer truly was as miserable as his manager suggests, then perhaps his leaving the band was the best thing that could've happened to any of its members.

If Malik had stayed in One Direction longer than he wanted, his unhappiness certainly would've affected his performance and his relationships with fans. Perhaps it would've wore off on his bandmates, affecting their moods and group cohesion. It's possible that Malik's decision to leave sooner rather than later might actually have saved the entire band from imploding, and that leaving was not only a smart move, but a necessary one in order to keep One Direction afloat.

So while Directioners have every right to be upset that Malik is no longer in the band, there is an upside to the situation: losing one member in peaceful, drama-free terms, rather than all five because of anger and resentment. Yes, Malik's decision was sad, but it also might've been the reason One Direction is still going — and why, according to Cowell, they're better than ever before.

You can watch Cowell's interview below:

The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube